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High-Tech Home Security Gadgets You Need to Keep Your Family Safe

by William Gist

Gone are the days when you could throw an ADT sticker up on your window to keep would-be thieves away. These days, criminals are advanced, and they’re using technology to plan their attack.
But have no fear.
You can protect yourself in the same way.
Here are a few high-tech home security gadgets you need to keep your family safe.

Outside cameras

In 2019, there’s really no excuse to leave your front door unmonitored. Even if you just want to see who might be taking your Amazon deliveries, these cameras are helpful.
But they can also help deter any criminals who might be casing your home.
Even if it’s not hooked up, a video camera is a major deterrent for criminals. One would have to be quite bold in order to break into a house with video surveillance. And in most cases, it’s just not worth the risk.

Motion-sensor lights

Combined with outdoor surveillance, motion sensor lighting can be a major theft deterrent. When the outside of your home is illuminated, anyone looking for trouble is going to fear being seen (either by the cameras or a passerby).
Motion-sensor lights are extremely inexpensive and can be installed by virtually anyone, so it’s the perfect solution for any family on a budget.

Motorized blinds

Source: accentverticals.com

Remember that scene in Home Alone where Kevin set up a fake party inside the house to make it look like the place wasn’t empty? Well, this idea is kind of along those lines, but not quite to the same extreme.
With motorized blinds, you can set them to open and close at certain times of day, so it appears as though there’s movement in your home.
You can even set them on a smart home device to be controlled remotely from anywhere.

Smart locks

A smart locking system can help you ensure your doors are locked and stay that way. Imagine you left for vacation and locked everything up tight. But then your teenage daughter went back in for something she forgot. Halfway through the road trip, she realizes that she doesn’t know whether she locked the door again. Turning around would be crazy, so if you don’t have a neighbor who can check, you’re just going to have to hope for the best. That is, unless you’ve invested in a smart security system with smart locks. With a system like this, you can easily check the home’s security from anywhere. And if the doors aren’t locked, you can lock them.

Video doorbell

Source: mymove.com

This one is slightly different from an outdoor surveillance system in that it serves to tell you who is at the door. Whoever is there can communicate with you through the video camera, and people can leave messages for you when you’re not home.
The video doorbell is a great way to know who is on the other side of the door before you answer.

Biometric technology

Since you’re probably going to access your smart home system through your cell phone, be sure to use biometric technology like fingerprint scans or facial recognition software to secure your device. You can do this for your cellphone overall (depending on model), and you may also be able to secure your smart home system this way too.
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As technology changes, so do our need for security. Keep up with the times with any or all of these smart home technologies.