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Tamil Music – Songs you can enjoy

by William Gist

Not many people know about the Tamilnadu culture, but that only makes it a lot more valuable than it already is. Tamil music is very popular in India, obviously, but it also sees a lot of love from other countries across the entire world. Today we’re talking about Tamil music and some of the best songs that you can enjoy, so if you are interested in learning more, feel free to continue reading until the end.

Va Va Penne

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This is a classical Indian melody that can really touch the heart of any listener. It’s very popular in India, but the track has also been used in many different Bollywood movies, as well as some American movies. Va-Va penne was made by Govind Menon, who’s a singer and a violinist, and he managed to create this masterpiece that will most likely keep its place amongst the best songs on the Tamil charts for the next couple of months.

Kaatre Kaatre

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This song was made by Joshua Sridhar and it’s also a song that has been featured in the very popular romantic comedy film by KC, July Kaatril. Kaatre Kaatre has a very uplifting melody and it can really brighten up your day. According to isaimini, this song is a masterpiece and made possible by Sathyaprakash’s brilliant voice and singing abilities.

Pasanga – Hip Hop Adi

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This song saw an amazing success after it was released, and it will be featured in the upcoming movie called Natpe Thunai. Hip Hop Adi is an artist that really has a great feeling for making music, especially when it comes to making songs that mix two cultures together. We all know that Indian music has nothing similar with hip-hop, but there are some very talented artists that know how to combine the best of both worlds into a single tune.

Merkilae Merkilae

Another song by Joshua Sridhar, this one is from his latest album which is named July Kaatril. This is a breezy melody that induces a special feeling when you listen to it, and it gained a lot of popularity in the Indian culture. Many music enthusiasts appreciate this song’s 2000’s vibe made possible by the guitar portions that the artist added for the overall charm. Definitely search this one up and take a look for yourself. Most Indian songs are going to surprise you because they are a lot higher quality than you thought, and since the music industry is really blooming over there, expect new things every single month.

Andavane Thunai by Simon K King

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Last but not least, this Tamil Masterpiece is created by Simon K King, and it is a song that was featured in the popular movie called Kolaigaran. The movie was a hit in the Tamil box office, but the same thing goes for the song as well. Andavane really shook the musical charts and according to many, it won’t leave anytime soon. The song itself is quite different than the others we chose to put on our list, and instead of calm and tranquil melodies, this one is really meant to pump you up for any occasion.