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Why T-Shirt Rags Are The Best Choice For Cleaning Glass Surfaces

by Kim Marks

You may have the most lovely house with large glass doors and windows that allow abundant natural lighting to enter the room. However, a dirty glass door or window reduces the appeal of your house and spoils the decor.

Glass is naturally hydrophilic, which means that it attracts water. So whenever you soak a cloth with water to clean glass surfaces, the water sticks to the glass. When the water dries off, it leaves untidy watermarks on the glass. If you have faced issues with cleaning glass surfaces, you need to reconsider the material that you use for cleaning and the way in which you clean your glass surfaces.

Having Clean And Clear Glass Objects At Home

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Getting clear, streak-free, and lint-free glass surfaces is not easy. You have to use the right material when you clean a glass surface. Many people have tried different types of lint-free materials to check their cleaning efficiency, and most people have found t-shirt rags to be quite useful.

Keeping a  bag of t shirt rags at home is the best option when it comes to cleaning glass surfaces like doors and windows. Some of the reasons why using t-shirt rags is great are discussed in this blog post.

Streak And Residue Free Shine

A microfiber cloth and old t-shirt rags do not leave any streaks or residue like paper towels do. Also, the softer the material, the better it is for cleaning purposes. Hence, most cleaning professionals prefer using old t-shirts instead of brand-new ones.

T-Shirt Rags Are Good For Cleaning Water Droplets

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A dilute solution of soap water is frequently used for regular household cleaning. Be it the glass table top of your new dining table or the glass doors of your new cabinet, a simple cotton rag dipped in soap water is the best way to clean them. Mild soap solutions clean everyday dirt, but it is crucial that the rag used for cleaning absorbs water well enough not to leave any dried water marks.

Old T-shirt rags that are usually made up of cotton are a good option for cleaning rags as cotton is a good absorber of water. Cotton is a natural polymer of cellulose. The chemical structure of cotton is such that the hydrogen groups that line the edge of cotton’s long cellulose molecules attract water and suck it up right up to its fibers.

Useful When Using Harsh Chemicals For Cleaning

Microfiber is a great choice for cleaning because it has an extensive surface area (finely split strands), which guarantees great absorptive power. Yet, microfiber should be avoided when using strong chemicals as cleaning agents.

If you are using acidic chemicals or something that is a very strong oxidizing agent for cleaning, the strands of microfiber may degrade. But cotton t-shirt rags will work just fine with strong chemical agents.

Scratch Free Cleaning

Old t-shirt rags are gentle; they do not have any rough edges. So, there is no chance that a t-shirt used for cleaning glass will end up scratching it.

T-Shirt Rags Are Great For Clearing Oil Spills

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Glass surfaces like glass table tops or kitchenware often get coated with oily and greasy stuff like the vegetable or olive oils that you regularly use for cooking. Used T-shirt rags are usually made out of old cotton T-shirts, and cotton is known to be a good absorbent. Cotton is a natural polymer made up of cellulose.

The structure of the polymer (repeating units of monomers) is such that it has a low density and it has a loose internal structure. This stricture of cotton polymer makes it a really good absorber for oily substances like grease and kitchen oil. Cleaning oil spills is a tedious job, given that oil leaves behind a slippery surface despite several rounds of cleaning.

So the next time you or your little kid spills some amount of cooking on your spick and span glass table top, do not hesitate to use the cotton T-shirt rag to clean up the oily mess.

Flannel T-Shirt Rags Are Good For Dusting

Most used T-shirt rags are made up of cotton, but some are made up of other materials like flannel. Flannel is a soft, fluffy material, and the texture of flannel makes it a good suitable candidate as a dusting material.

Washing and cleaning glass surfaces is only a part of the cleaning process, but regular dusting is also essential. It does not matter whether you keep your door and windows open or closed; ambient dust particles keep accumulating on glass surfaces. So, if you have a flannel T-shirt rag, use it for regular dusting of your glass utensils, glass table tops, doors, windows, etc.

T-shirt Rags Are Easy To Reuse

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T-shirt rags are easy to wash and dry. They are readily machine washable, so reusing them is not an issue. T-shirt rags are the cheapest cleaning material that is available in the market. Moreover, it has a high reuse value, which makes it the most popular cleaning material for all surfaces.


Cleaning glass surfaces is a complex matter and requires a lot of trial and error to decide on the perfect cleaning material. Cotton t-shirt rags are one of the oldest and most affordable cleaning materials. Cotton is a good absorber of water and oil, so it makes it an ideal candidate for mopping up oil and water spills/ droplets. Flannel T-shirts, on the other hand, are good for regular dusting purposes. So, using the right type of T-shirt rag for cleaning a particular kind of spill or leak is vital.

T-shirt rags at wholesale rates are the most affordable option, and buying them will not put a strain on your monthly budget. T-shirt rags have been used for a long while, and they are trusted by professional cleaning agencies. So, if you have dirty glass doors, glass kitchen tops, and windows at home, old t-shirt rags are definitely worth giving a try.