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Surprising Things You Never Knew About Your Zodiac Sign

by Edvard Berlusconi

If you know your zodiac sign, you’re a bit into astrology. There are things you know about your zodiac sign and things you don’t, just as there are things you know about yourself and things you don’t. Some of them are amazing and others are just, well, horrible. For example, we all know that Scopios are “mysterious”, Arieses are “spontanenous” and that Libras are “justice lovers”.

Specific aspects of every zodiac sign are so well-familiar among us that can even be classified as mainstream. However, there are plenty of fascinating and surprising things you probably don’t know about your star sign. Let’s see if you can agree with cultureastrology.com about these incredible things we believe you never knew about your zodiac sign or those of your close ones.

Aries: You’re prone to all sorts of accidents


Energetic, spontaneous, impulsive and rebellious, you, Aries, were not even given a chance of living a trouble-free life. You are perfectly qualified for getting into trouble on a daily basis, whether it’s at work, in school or in personal life. As an active individual, sadly, you often end up involved in an accident with a band-aid on your arm or bruises on your legs.

Taurus: You can be quite lazy


Taurus, we’re not saying that you’re lazy by nature, but admit it, sometimes you don’t want to get up from the bed in the morning. Unless you’re highly motivated by the goals you’ve set up for yourself, you’re very likely to do things with exceptional laziness and incredible apathy. During these times, it would be great if you had someone who knows how to remind you of your strong work ethic and tell you how good you are at what you do.

Gemini: You can figure out a person in a second

That’s your superpower, Gemini! You don’t need more than a second to have an opinion about someone which is oftentimes true. As an air sign, you are capable of learning and adapting quicker than any other zodiac sign, so this shouldn’t really come as a surprise. The good thing is you’re not judgemental, which is why you’re everybody’s favorite person for hanging out.

Cancer: You’re tougher than you know

Everybody keeps saying how Cancerians are emotional, compassionate and nurturing people, which often leads to believing that you’re weak. The truth is that you’re tough, much tougher than you know. Being sensitive does not equal being weak, especially if you’re a guy. Compared to many other zodiac signs, you are able to survive just about any crisis you could face.

Leo: You can be a great teacher

For someone as self-centered as most astrologers tell about Leos, you make incredible teachers. Regardless of your gender, you have a talent of telling other people what to do and how to do it. You’re creative and passionate and you can definitely put on a show, which can be of great benefit in your career as a teacher and kids will love you.

Virgo: You can be pretty wild


As the most practical and analytical sign of the zodiac, people believe that you can’t be wild and you don’t know how to have the usual kind of fun. But that’s not true: you are not afraid to get loose and enjoy a night out with your gang and lots of booze. Unfortunately, that does not happen that often, but don’t ever let others make you believe that you’re not wild.

Libra: You are more diplomatic than you’d like to admit

You are a fair-minded individual who is often referred to as a justice seeker and sometimes, in an effort to establish harmony, peace and balance, you tend to be diplomatic, even manipulative. Of course, you’re not aware of the extent of diplomacy you use, but trust me, you are a huge diplomatic when it comes to having things your way.

Scorpio: You’re not as dark as people say


Do people around you who like astrology often tell you something like ““You’re mean! How could you do that?!”? It’s their perception of the world and their vanilla attitude. However, you’re not that mean or dark; you’re just intense, passionate and ready to go to any length to achieve what you want. Oftentimes you’re weird in other people’s eyes, but you never worried much about other people anyway.

Sagittarius: You can spend hours watching animal videos

Sagittarius, we believe there’s no bigger animal lover in the zodiac than you. You are idealistic and your enthusiasm is next level, so we know how would you react when you accidentally run into a stray dog or an injured bird. In your free time, you like scrolling through pages about animals on social media and you can easily lose track of time watching cute videos.

Capricorn: You’re great at mentally-based games

Your ability to stay focused for prolonged periods of time and your natural resilience make you a perfect player for any sort of mentally-based game. It’s common knowledge that you exceed at physical games, but it’s much less known for your mental capacity. Next time you’re planning a date with your buddies, challenge them to a game of chess instead of indoor football.

Aquarius: You’re emotional

Is this a surprise? Because everybody is talking how unemotional and insensitive you are, just because you’re an air sign. On the contrary, you feel and you feel deeply. Of course, you are a free-spirited soul and independence lover, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot commit to a romantic partner once you find  true love.

Pisces: You have physical abilities

Soulful, caring and extremely sensitive, nobody would believe you if you’d invited them on any sort of physical activity, even if it’s just throwing and catching a ball. But you’ll be surprised by your physical abilities that even you underestimate sometimes. As a Pisces, you may not make a powerful striker in football, but you are not as bad as you believe either.