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Stephanie Sanzo Stretches in a Tight Black Gym Shorts

by Elsa Stringer

Instagrammer, YouTuber, blogger, and fitness model Stephanie Sanzo displayed her incredibly fit physique in yet another racy exercise video in which she is stretching before a gym session.

The stunning blonde gym freak shared a stretching video in which she is showing her 1.8 million followers how to properly stretch and get ready for a workout.

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.⁣ .⁣ Sumo deadlifts are a great movement but many people struggle to get into a good position due to a lack of hip mobility ?⁣ ⁣ So here’s a mobility routine you can use on a daily basis (if you’re excessively tight) or you can simply use it as a warm up for your deadlift session ?⁣ ⁣ It should only take around 10 mins once you get familiar with the routine ? ⁣ ⁣ ✅ FOAM ROLLING (30sec each on each side)⁣ i) Quads ⁣ ii) Glutes ⁣ iii) Adductors ⁣ iv) Hip Flexors⁣ ? Move slowly over the muscle but pause and hold on a pressure point (if it’s extra tight) until it loosens ⁣ ⁣ ✅ ACTIVE STRETCHES (30sec each on each side)⁣ v) Pigeon Pose ⁣ vi) Lizard Pose⁣ ? Move back and forward aiming to get more range each time⁣ ⁣ ✅ DYNAMIC STRETCHES (10 reps each)⁣ vii) Hip Fire Hydrants ⁣ viii) Rolling V Sits ⁣ ⁣ ✅ MOBILITY DRILLS (10 reps each)⁣ ix) Paused Bulgarian Split Squats ⁣ x) Wide Foot Mountain Climbers⁣ ⁣ You’ll also see my top set for the day which was 150kg / 330lb for 5 reps ?️‍♀️⁣ ⁣ SAVE this post and try it for yourself ? #sumodeadlift #hipmobility #deadlifting

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The Australian mom of two wore a skintight black gym booty shorts that hugged her curvaceous and accentuated her fit booty and legs even more. She completed the look with a pair of knee-high black socks that say “Lifting” on the side.

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Ready to train GLUTES !? ?⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ All you’re going to need for this one is a RESISTANCE BAND ?⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ SAVE this post and try it for yourself ? ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ SWIPE ACROSS to see all the exercises ➡️⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 1A. Banded Squat 4x30sec⁣⁣ 1B. Banded Side Steps 4x30sec⁣⁣ 2A. Alternating Jump Lunge 4x45sec⁣⁣ 2B. Single Leg Glute Bridge 4x45sec (each)⁣⁣ 3A. Banded Glute Bridge w Abduction 4x60sec⁣⁣ 3B. Banded Seated Abductions 4x60sec⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Perform as many reps as possible in the suggested time frames shown above ☝️⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Superset (A) + (B) Exercises taking minimal rest between movements and then rest 60 seconds at the end of each superset ✅⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ If you’re looking for more workouts that can be done from home .. make sure you check out my program LIFTING at Home available now on the @sweat app ?⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ There’s a FREE 7 Day Trial available for anyone that’s new to app and wants to check it out ?⁣ ⁣ #resistancebandsworkout #workoutfromhome #legsworkout

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Sanzo also wore a black sweatshirt and a pair of black and white Nike sneakers. Her uplifting post has more than 120,000 views, 16,000 likes, and 230 comments. The caption is quite long, as she used it to describe what she was doing during and after this warmup drill.


Stephanie’s hair was tied into a long braid and she wore minimal makeup, as always. She looks incredible as she did the sets. Not a lot of people can look this sexy stretching and warming up for a hardcore gym session, that is for sure!