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8 Tips on How to Start a Truck Dispatching Business

by Tracy Finke

Any area of ​​business requires responsibility and attentiveness. You don’t need to think that having your own truck dispatching company allows you to get more free time. Now, you are in charge of coordinating the work of the team and the firm. Starting a business must be done according to certain rules.

If you have accumulated capital then you are lucky. Borrowing money is a more serious moment because the first months the company operates for closing the debt. But many people with leadership qualities successfully start a truck dispatching business. It is likely to generate a good income. Identify your personal characteristics and try to begin your own truck dispatching activity.

Top 8 Useful Points for Successful Business

A private firm allows you to be financially independent because the profit depends on your activity. You monitor your truck dispatching business and its success, making self-sufficient decisions on its development.

It is difficult and time-consuming, but the first stages of starting a company are always stressful. The mechanism will work better later, and you can hire a larger team to distribute the management of the departments.

But first, you need to obtain certain documents and permits for your truck dispatching business to be legal. Also, you need to think about advertisements to make the company in demand. All the following points are important for starting a company.

1. Drawing up a Business Plan

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Any business starts with drawing up a detailed work plan. This is the study of the activity field that you have chosen. Here, we are considering truck dispatcher services. Your company has many points that you should be aware of.

These are commercial real estate rent, name, advertising, related software, hiring employees, business cards, and so on. A detailed business plan is also important for obtaining a loan because the bank considers the level of your truck dispatching firm’s success.

2. Consider Your Financial Condition

A business plan will show you a detailed model of your truck dispatching company and help you determine costs. Examine your savings, and then see if this is enough to open a firm. If you don’t have enough money, you can get a loan. To apply for a loan, your business needs to be registered as an LLC or Corporation. You can take the assistance of firms like GovDocFiling for hassle-free business formation. A substantial bank loan will help you start and sustain your business in the initial stage. You will close the debt when your truck dispatching service starts functioning.

3. Consider Personal Goals

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You are already collecting documents, so you understand that your company will become successful. By studying a business plan, you must draw up strategies for emergencies. Read the blogs of experienced businessmen who will tell you what qualities an entrepreneur should have. Until you have hired employees, you will do almost all the work of your logistics company.

4. Get a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)

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Your truck dispatching company must be licensed to provide services legally. This will help you attract customers while guaranteeing the reliability of your business. Such a set of documents is important for:

  • a trust relationship between you and clients;
  • legal activity;
  • tax and insurance organizations;
  • the safety of your company.

Establish your company as a reliable service provider with the required certifications.

5. File for USDOT Number

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Your company must obtain a personal U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) number. This is necessary for your business to be legalized as a reliable transport service. The USDOT number is not difficult to receive. Go to FMCSA, you will receive a list of required documents to meet the US Department of Transport regulations there.

6. Buying or Renting a Truck

It is important to look at your financial situation here. If you can, it would be better to buy several trucks. If your capital for starting a dispatching business is limited, then you can rent cars. Your own vehicle fleet will give you more options.

You can purchase different types of trucks to transport different goods (frozen food, furniture, chemicals, animals, and so on). With little capital, it is better to hire private drivers with personal trucks.

7. Dispatching Business Setting Up

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Your truck dispatching business should receive the status: individual entrepreneur or LLC. All documents, vehicle fleet, name, website are already ready. Now you need to find an office, buy equipment, run ads, and find employees.

It is difficult to make a truck dispatching business on your own. Also, consider insurance to protect your firm from emergencies and risks. There are different insurance types: cargo, personal property, protection against fire or road accidents, and so on.

Also, it’s time to find clients. The best way is attractive ads that will be shown in the main points of the congestion of potential customers. These are:

  • social networks;
  • forums;
  • metro;
  • newspapers;
  • billboards;
  • posters, etc.

Briefly describe the advantages of your truck dispatching company, and interest the customer with your service. Tell people about your documents and licenses to show reliability, quality, and warranty. The audience should also see that you are providing services at affordable prices to differentiate your truck dispatching firm from the competition.

8. Get Your Trucking Authority

Your company should gain credibility as verified truck dispatcher services. Even if you have received a license, you also need a personal motor carrier (MC) number. This assures the client that you are doing your dispatching job legally.

The MC number is on the register and your truck dispatching business is identified as a “for hire” carrier. Show the customer that you follow the rules to carry out the transportation of cargo quickly and efficiently. This type of number will also make any government checks easier.

Features of Private Business

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A successful entrepreneur knows how to properly distribute income. Your net profit is 20-25%, the rest of the money goes to maintain the company functionality. Your truck dispatching business activity includes employee salaries, taxes, advertising, and other mandatory monthly costs.

You also need to think about emergencies that will require investment. Leave about 10% to eliminate possible problems. Keep in mind the maintenance costs of your garage. The business leader always monitors his firm to correct possible troubles.

Also, do not disregard statistics that show how the mechanism operates. This will help you see your success rate and determine the level of your truck dispatching business. Be ready to fix problems, this will make you more prepared for difficulties. Business owners are patient, diligent, and motivated people. In any problem, they see a new point for experience and their service improvement.