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Spring Home Maintenance Checklist – 2024 Guide

by Elsa Stringer

The winter is almost done. We believe people that like snow and cold weather are sad because of that. However, the biggest part of the worldwide population hates cold weather. They would rather want to be bears and sleep during those three months. The good news for them is that spring is coming for less than 20 days (from this moment).

We believe that you barely wait to replace your winter jacket with some more comfortable clothes. However, you also need to know that winter brings additional duties. More precisely, there are many things around your home that you will have to check, replace, or fix.


We do not know exactly where you live and because of that we do not know if winter was tough in your region. Yet, winter is always going to be…winter. There are many things that we need to care of. It is not the point to delay it because sooner or later you will have to fix those issues.

Because of that, we want to make some sort of spring home maintenance checklist. We want to help you not to forget some things.

No need to delay things; let’s get to the point.



The first thing that you need to check is your roof. If there were tough winds during the winter, then there is a big chance something is wrong. However, many people refuse to do that because they are afraid to climb up there.

Well, we have good news for you. You don’t even have to do that. According to Binoculars Insight, you only need to have binoculars and a good eye. First of all, try to spot if there are any shingle-shifts. If some of them exist, then probably some fasteners need to be replaced.



Well, different types of chimneys exist. For start, if you have a masonry chimney, then it is important to check the joints between the bricks. See if some of them have fallen out. Despite that, it is important to see if some vegetation is growing out of them.

Exterior Walls


We believe that your interior walls look quite good. However, it is necessary to check the exterior wall and see if there are some trouble spots. This especially counts when we talk about near gutter downspouts and places under eaves. If there are water stains, they usually tell us that gutters are no longer adequately containing roof runoff.

The next thing you should do is checking the wood siding (if you have one). Research carefully if there are any openings, damaged areas, or knots that have popped out. In that way, many insects like carpenter ants or woodpeckers can get into your house.



Someone would say “Why would I worry about windows during the spring and summer? It will be warm and I won’t get cold.” Well, you definitely won’t get cold because that won’t be able to happen. Instead, the temperature in your home will be high.

The reason for that is simple. With bad windows, the warm summer air will come inside your house. In the opposite direction, the cooled indoor air will go out. However, that is not the only reason why you should check your windows. It happens quite often that springs are full of rainy days. There is a big chance that water can come to your house as well. That would make some additional problems.

Finally, spring is the best part of the year when you maintenance things around your home. If you leave the problem, then you won’t be able to fix it when the cold weather comes. That means that you will have to keep things the same for the next winter as well. Why would you put yourself in that sort of situation?

Check Your Garage


We believe that you haven’t spent a lot of time in your garage during the year. We usually park our car there and leave it. Well, first of all, spring is a good period of the year to clean up your garage. However, you should also check if the garage door is working well.

We do not know which type of garage doors you have. Most of the houses today have modern ones. Yet, if you need help to maintain the garage door, you should contact companies like calgarygaragedoorrepair.ca. They offer different valuable services that will save you time.

General Cleaning


Well, we clean our house for the entire year. However, there are some areas of the house that we usually skip to clean. Those areas we usually do not use quite often during the year.

For example, a common problem that we have noticed is grease residue in the kitchen. The kitchen walls are not something that we clean every day. Because of that, use this spring to maintenance that as well. You do not need to have high-quality equipment. You just need warm water and mild detergent. With these two things, you can wash cabinets, walls, and backsplashes.



It is hard to find a house owner that did not have a problem with the basement. This room seems irrelevant to many people. However, we must maintain it actively.

For example, this part of the house is always full of dust and insects. This especially counts when we talk about spring. In that period of the year, many insects come out from the ground and get to our basement.

Despite that, it is necessary to check the basement walls. There is one thing that people mostly do wrong. When they start checking the wall cracks, they usually come from the bottom up. Well, the right way to do that is quite the opposite. The cracks always start from the bottom of those cracks.

One more recommendation is to always use a flashlight while checking this. The cracks sometimes can be quite small. Yet, that doesn’t mean you should not consider them seriously. They may become huger until the next winter. Then, it will be a lot tougher to fix things, right?

Maintenance Your Garden


In the end, it is necessary to check your garden after the long winter. It can happen that you will have to rake the lawn to remove any debris, branches, and leaves. Despite that, make sure that the outdoor water system is working in the right order. Without those systems, your garden won’t look nice as before.