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Software That Keeps Crown Agencies Secure and Connected

by Dangula Bingula

Given all the stories in the media about prominent political parties and multinational corporations getting hacked, it’s easy to understand why Crown agencies are so eager to find software that keeps their board connected without putting their security at risk. Board portal software is specifically designed to give boards every modern tool they need to collaborate, while offering the maximum protection possible.

Read on to see all the ways that board portal software has benefitted Crown agencies.

Simple but Powerful Communication Tools

It lets Crown agencies communicate using one single centralized platform, which is a powerful tool that makes it easier for them to ensure good governance.


Board portal software is cloud-based, meaning directors have full access using whatever device they prefer most. The software is specifically designed to be usable on just about any device, including mobile devices, and getting the fullest experience is easy. Having all communications in one centralized place also means that there’ll no longer be a need for directors to scroll through old emails and text messages.

The communication facilitated by this software goes way beyond texts or chatting; it  makes it easy for directors in remote locations to collaborate digitally. Directors can easily share and annotate documents, so giving feedback or asking questions about important board materials is easy. Polls can be issued, so directors can easily learn where the rest of the board stands on issues that require a vote. Logs make it easy to know who is and who isn’t up on reading board materials.

Crown agencies have an important mandate to act with openness and transparency, so click here to see all the other ways that board portal software can help them achieve these goals.

Ultimate in Security

Since Crown agencies are answerable to the public, they have to both demonstrate transparency while making important decisions while also making sure that any data in their possession remains secure.

Industry leaders in board portal software use advanced encryption algorithms and ensure that servers storing information adhere to independent, third-party requirements for security certifications. This prevents any unauthorized access to the software.


With a board portal, it’s very easy to see that only people who accessed the software had permission to, since all log-ins can be safely authenticated. If an agency-issued computer or tablet does go missing, then all the board data can be wiped remotely. This greatly reduces the possibility of a data breach, even if there’s an emergency. Meanwhile, if a director whose device is lost needs to access documents, they can simply log in from any other device. There’ll never be any operational interruption when you use it.

Reduce Costs and Carbon Footprint

Board portal software greatly reduces or even entirely eliminates the need for printing and shipping documents, since all board material can be accessed digitally. Like many other organizations, Crown agencies are always looking to reduce their carbon footprint.


It makes it easy for the decision makers at Crown agencies to stay powerfully connected, and includes all the security features to keep them out of the headlines for the wrong reasons.