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Small Business Security in 2024 – Statistics

by Jajce d Muckic

The year is 2024, and cyber-attacks are more frequent than ever. Every business nowadays relies on the Internet and computers in general in order to grow and expand, and this automatically opens up a weak spot which can be a major security flaw.
Not that hacker attacks weren’t really common a few years back, but since every company, agency and any type of business nowadays has a webpage and stores their sensitive data online or on local servers, it looks like the corporate world has become the new playfield for those pesky cyber-criminals.


If you are a business owner, you are probably aware of how sensitive and valuable the data you are collecting is. Especially if we talk about sales information, future marketing campaigns and budget statistics. Well, if you happen to lose that data due to a cyber-attack, your entire business can end up crumbling at your feet.

“But it will probably never happen to my business anyway” is the horrifically wrong mindset which leads to many tears and ruined careers, so it is time to accept the fact that business security is one of the most important things to invest in today.

The most common issue is that most business-owners, especially those of smaller businesses, think that they won’t ever be the target of a hacker-attack simply because their business is not large enough and they “feel” like the cyber-criminals are not going to target it because they don’t have much to gain. Wrong.

This is wrong on so many levels. If you knew just a bit about hacker-mentality, you would know that they don’t really care about the gain. It’s all about pride and playing games with the law. They would crack anything that they possibly can, including small companies, businesses and what not.


With all of this being said, we hope that we’ve raised some red-flags, and if you happen to be someone who owns a business but still hasn’t invested in cyber-security yet, we definitely advise you to do it immediately.

According to 360 Smart Networks, smaller businesses are actually a much more frequent target compared to the larger ones, simply because the larger ones have already some kind of a security measure that got them so far in the first place. We’ve said it once and we’re going to say it again. It’s time for the “It will never happen to us” mentality to get buried somewhere deep, and accept the fact that this happens only once, and once is enough. We’re definitely not trying to scare you, although you should be a bit frightened because there are many examples where multi-millionaire businesses have been completely destroyed due to sensitive and secret data being leaked into publicity.


You definitely do not want to be one of those examples, so while you still have time, invest into some kind of a cyber-security. The competition in the corporate world is extremely high, and everyone is just trying to survive by eating the other competitor. It’s a harsh world out there, and you never know what someone’s planning for your small business. We hope that this article helped you realize a thing or two, stay safe!