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Essential Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

by William Gist

As a business in 2021, you probably know by now that digital marketing is the way to get your brand name out into the world. With more people on the internet than ever before, you can take advantage of websites, social media platforms, and a plethora of other tools. Companies like SDARR Studios are blazing trails with digital marketing strategies that get traffic and convert. Today, we’re going to offer advice for strategies that still work in 2021!


 If you haven’t yet utilized chatbots, this is quickly becoming something you cannot ignore. What happens when a customer is researching products at 1 am and wants to talk to somebody? If you don’t have chatbots, they’ll have to wait until the next day to talk to your team. Rather than risking them going elsewhere or forgetting, a chatbot is available 24/7 and could help to make the all-important sale.



According to Juniper Research, $8 billion will be saved by businesses per year by 2022 thanks to chatbots. Whether early morning or late at night, chatbots use AI technology and allow your brand to be available whenever the customer needs assistance.

Artificial Intelligence

Continuing on the AI theme, there are many misconceptions that surround this idea. However, it can perhaps be best summarized by considering lots of computers making sense of lots of data points. Rather than doing everything manually, for example, AI can delve into databases of customers and then use the information to find similar prospects.

Artificial Intelligence


Voice Search

Whether it’s Siri, Alexa, or Google, more people are searching the web using their voice than ever before. There are lots of different statistics regarding voice search, but most tend to agree that half of all online queries will be done with the voice by 2021/2022.


How do you cater to this audience? First things first, your content needs to be natural and genuinely useful. The days of producing content for SEO alone are over, you now need to think about the language people use when searching with their voice.


For some time, we enjoyed ordering from companies and not having any contact with them. Suddenly, we could order a product online and have it delivered quickly without having to deal with salespeople or even know the name of the brand. Now, customers are reverting back to personalization.



Fortunately, we all have easy access to consumer behavior, purchase history, and a wealth of analytics. This year, we urge you to use all the data you have available and produce personalized emails, content, and products. The more you can appeal to your audience, the more likely they will be to choose you.

Video Marketing

Although this perhaps isn’t a surprise, video marketing is expected to get even bigger as we head into summer and continue 2021. As well as YouTube, videos can be used on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and even Twitter. If you want to take it one step further, why not consider live videos? If you’re holding a special event or a product launch, for example, this insight will be really interesting for your existing customers (and prospective customers!).

video marketing


Other Tools

As well as these five tools for your digital marketing strategy, we also recommend considering local influencer marketing, machine learning, engagement-based email marketing, augmented reality, and even micro-moments.



While you can stick with your old digital marketing strategies, we believe it’s important to take advantage of what’s working right now. There’s no point looking ahead to social media platforms that ‘will’ be big in 2021, nor is it useful to look back at 2018.  In 2021, utilize these tools and take advantage of the advice that will get your brand recognized today!