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6 Signs That Tell Your Relationship Won’t Last Long

by Nina Smith

A gut feeling that’s telling you now and then that the person you’re in love with may not be with you for a long time— is not a crime to come across.

Sometimes, even the most potential person who’s beautiful inside and out isn’t just there for you.

It’s also possible that you both long for each other, but hey, life doesn’t ensure a healthy relationship all the way through; it mostly hurts.

But no matter how hurtful it is, you need to let go of that person from your life, sooner or later.

It’s for the better future of you both.

So, let’s get assured of six signs that tell you that your relationship won’t last long in the following.

1. The Communication Is Vague

If you find your partner very vague about their feelings, if the communication is irregular, or if he or she’s being skirmish about sharing their updates, it may be a sign that your ‘dream’ partner is not that into you anymore.

It might not be necessary for the person you’re longing for to reciprocate in the same fashion. However, at least something must tell you he or she’s there for you, even without saying it.

Do they ignore your messages regarding any important issues like your health, mood, crisis, etc.? Does it feel like they are interested in something else (or someone!) instead of everything you’re trying to get their attraction?

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2. You Can’t Be the Real ‘You’

Have you been feeling lately that whenever you’re with him or her, things are a bit congested both inside and outside? Like you have to think a thousand times before letting words out of your mouth or doing something special? Or, every time you’re trying to cheer your partner with something interesting, there’s no positive response.

This can be a sign that you’re not that fascinating as much as you used to be ’  in your partner’s eyes.

Hence, the spice in your relationship is waning. The fantasy and dreams plummet while the attraction between each other is withering.

If this is the situation, it’s time to sit together and talk seriously. Remember, not each ignorance indicates cheating. So, know clearly what’s bothering your partner about this bonding. Try to understand if there’s something you can help with to improve the situation.

3. Your Partner Is a Copycat

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So, you’ve recently developed a passion for singing or listening to folk music, and your partner has been doing the same. He or she’s been trying out hot sauce while ditching the taste for salsa because you like hot sauce.

You know what? This might sound cute, but there must be a space for independent likings and preferences. Having everything in common can’t be your relationship goal, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be.

A relationship is mostly about respectfully sharing your personal traits, likes, dislikes, etc., with your partner. Being an ideal partner is necessary, but you don’t need to be a crazy fanboy or fangirl when you’re committed.

4. You Can’t Last through Dominance

Some people like being dominated by their partners to an extent—- it’s true. Maybe, for them, it works just fine. However, things start getting worse when your partner gets on your nerves, more than you can tolerate anymore.

When things like this reach the point of explosion, and sometimes, you really explode, it’s a sign that your relationship is becoming intoxicating to you both.

What follows next is that one of you would accept the other’s faults or shortcomings, but it’s not vice versa. One will always try to get on with his or her dominance, no matter how irritating the person is.

That there is a surefire red flag to end your relationship very soon. There’s very little chance of reconciliation in this.

5. Is Your Partner a Bit Snobbish?

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O hell! That’s a threat to the upcoming years of your relationship, especially if you’re serious about prolonging this courtship into marriage.

You often won’t get any mistreatment from your new partner because you guys have just started seeing each other. Things always look bright initially.

But you often notice your partner treating others poorly, like children, elders, animals, etc. This is a serious issue that might get worse because the maltreatment will be redirected to you soon.

Hence, observe very carefully if your partner possesses these traits. We’re not telling you to walk away from your relationship at this moment. But if such things persist, it’s a sign that your bonding may not be a fruitful one.

6. Is There Still an Ex in the Scene?

Maybe you both have just moved on from an old relationship into this one, but a few telltale signs tell you that your partner is still living in his or her memory lane.

It’s hard to move on, and you must empathize with your partner to an extent. However, your partner needs to be serious about truly moving on, so you can both focus on your current bonding.

If you find your partner still stalking his or her ex on social media, checking old photos, or worse, meeting or chatting regularly, take a step back and reconsider.

Your responsibility should be to care for your partner when he or she’s fully into you, not half-heartedly.

Although these aren’t signs of cheating, you can’t compromise your emotion and future, depending on it.

Final Words

What we’ve discussed above is merely a few hints at a relationship soon to be collapsed. However, you can use these signs to indicate a possible ‘get away ticket’ from your courtship.

But you have to remember that not all of these signs may lead to breakups in all situations. You must be wary about a sensitive matter like this. Or else, you can consult a reliable professional relationship counselor to get the best solution when coming across these signs.