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8 Surprising Signs If Your Spouse is Cheating

by Tracy Finke

Cheating in a relationship can deteriorate your life and drain you emotionally and mentally. If your spouse or partner has significantly changed their behavior in terms of attitude towards you, then there is something wrong. If your spouse is keeping their life private and lying quite often in their daily routine, then according to SignsofCheating.net experts it is a case of infidelity.

Why Do People Cheat On Their Significant Other?

If someone is unhappy in a relationship and needs a better partner, they might cheat on their significant other. Also, when people check different social media posts of people who tend to be happier than them, they would want to move out of a relationship to search for a better partner and lifestyle.

How And Where Do Spouses Cheat Most Often?

Spouses cheat more often at workplaces. Workplaces Expose you to different people and are something easy to hide. Moreover, the exposure to social media is immense today. You can have different identities while interacting with different people, and it makes infidelity easier.

8 Guaranteed Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating:

It is traumatic to bear infidelity in a relationship. Following are a few points you should consider if there lies any suspect in your mind for signs your partner is cheating:

1. Changes In Communication

Source: healthline.com

You may feel your partner avoids conversations these days or never takes your point of view. It is one of the signs of an affair. Are you ending up with an argument whenever you speak to your partner? If you feel that they provoke you all the time for a fight, then this is an absolute disaster. Ellen Kenner, PhD., Clinical Psychologist explains that “if your partner is not connecting well emotionally and makes excuses over everything, it is the key sign your partner is cheating.”

2. Money Problems

There might be times when you or your partner is facing money problems that are making things worst. Your partner may seek a better lifestyle outside to solve their financial issues excluding you. It is one of the uncommon signs of cheating and an extramarital affair. It should be watched.

3. Appearances And Hobbies

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Any instant change in your partner’s appearance or hobby can be suspicious. Maybe they have joined a gym which they never used before. Also, a sudden change in a hobby can show their interest in someone beyond you. It also indicates that they are in the company of someone who wants them to change their habits and identity. It is a sign of a cheating spouse and an affair outside your knowledge.

4. Attitude Changes

Attitude makes a lot of difference. Does your spouse have different views about you like never before? Maybe they don’t value your opinion and presence. If you feel ignored, it is time to move out of this poisonous relationship. It can also be a sign of an emotional affair, and they feel more attached to someone else. It’s likely, that they don’t care about your feelings anymore.

5. Constant Restrictions And Excuses

Source: psychologytoday.com

Is your spouse constantly restricting you and making excuses for holding a discussion? Also, if they are always trying harder to let you down on every occasion then this is the time to rethink your values and self-respect. These restrictions might be intentional to show discomfort in the relationship. Maybe when you ask them for a dinner date, they make an excuse. This is the sign of a fatal relationship where your partner is cheating on you.

6. Intimacy Problems

Intimacy is a strong bond in any love affair or relationship. If the intimacy is dimming every day between you and your partner then definitely there is an issue. It is a clear sign of a cheating spouse. Sex life is a part of a relationship, and if your partner avoids you every time you talk about sex, then it shows a lack of interest. Also, there is a possibility that they have a sexual partner outside of the relationship to satisfy their desires.

7. Lying And Avoidance

Source: anxiety.org

Lying is an obvious sign of cheating by your spouse or partner. Lying about evident things and trying to hide their plans is lethal for you.  Also, avoiding your company or just not holding any conversation with you is a clear sign of an external affair. If you feel ignored at times by your loved ones, then definitely you should talk to them about your concerns. This is a guaranteed sign of a cheating spouse, and you should know the reason for this change.

8. Use Of New Technology

You can use different spy applications or call recorders to check about infidelity issues with your partner. Many applications are successful in saving such data, and definitely can give you some good proof if your partner or spouse is having an affair. These applications can be helpful to keep a check on your spouse and signs of cheating.

Final Word

Source: verywellmind.com

A relationship with no trust is fatal. It will affect your mental and physical health. Also, it is quick emotional drainage wherein you might experience anxiety and depression in the longer run. It is advisable to take professional help and sort out these issues at the earliest before they make your life tough.

Marie Murphy, a relationship coach, Ph.D. in the sociology of sexuality, tells that “There are no absolute signs of cheating. You have to discover the changes. Some cheaters are too good at covering their faults.” Noticing changes in behavior may indicate signs of someone cheating on you. But, it is better to be sure before putting any allegations and heading into another faulty situation.