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7 Tips on How to Sell a Car with Major Mechanical Problems

by Dangula Bingula

Cars require regular maintenance and repair of parts, especially when you go long distances with them more often. The maximum distance of some vehicle depends on its quality. Also, the way you are driving the car is significantly affecting its condition. Most people usually drive one car for a maximum of 5 years, after which they sell and buy a new one. The market for used vehicles is huge, and it is simple to find a buyer. However, the question is how to sell a car with major mechanical problems?

People who are interested in buying a used vehicle are often seeking for one in good condition and lower price. Selling a broken car is much complicated, but there are some solutions. Here are some tips on how to easily sell your broken vehicle.

1.      Sell It Online


There are many places where you can place an ad online that you are selling your vehicle. Some companies specialized in buying used vehicles in any condition, like Cashcarbuyers.com, which is a website that will offer you a price for a vehicle that has troubles with a frame, engine, and any other sort of mechanical issues. Also, the main benefit of contacting this company is that they will come to your place to evaluate the condition of the vehicle and offer you a price. This method of selling is one of the fastest and most effective, and you will get rid of the broken vehicle in less than a day.

There are also other ways to sell a broken car online by using various online platforms and social networks. However, you need to check the value of your vehicle and how much money you should ask according to its condition. While this method is much slower and ineffective, there is still a chance that someone might be interested in buying a car with mechanical issues to restore it or use it for parts.

2.      Trade It for a New Car


Many car dealers are offering the ability to buy a new vehicle and get a discount if you give them your previous one. It is one of the easiest methods since you don’t have to worry about selling your used car. However, in case you are planning to trade a vehicle with mechanical issues, you can’t expect much money in a refund. Still, you will be able to trade it in most situations. The dealer will have to evaluate the condition and price of your used vehicle and offer you a reasonable discount for a new one.

While there is a chance to get a bigger price if you try to sell your broken vehicle with some other method, it usually takes a lot of time to find a buyer. For this reason, if you are in a hurry to replace a car that you do not want to repair yourself, the best way is to choose this method. It is still better than selling it as a scrap car.

3.      Sell It Through an Auction

One of the most effective ways to sell your broken car, and get the highest possible price for it is through an auction. During an auction, possible buyers will compete over your car, and you will end up with a much better price than if you sell it privately or as part of a trade. On the other side, there is still a risk that no one will offer you the desired price, but in most cases, you will get more with this method than if you sell it to some car dealer company.

4.      Evaluate the Condition and Potential Price

Before you place an ad or offer it to a dealer, it is important to find out how much money is it possible to get for your vehicle according to its condition. This way, you will avoid any possible scams and undervalue during selling. If you are not sure about the potential price, you can ask for advice from some mechanic store, or search online for vehicles with similar mechanical problems.


5.      Sell it for Recycle

With this method, you will get the lowest value, since companies that are buying scrap cars paying only for the weight of the vehicle. If you have an old vehicle that costs less than 1000$ when it is in a good state, we advise you to use this method, since you will get between 100 and 300$, according to its weight. On the other side, if your broken car is some of the more recent models, selling it for parts, or as part of trade will get you a much bigger price.

6.      Sell Part by Yourself


If you are familiar with how to disassemble parts of a vehicle, and your broken car has many functional parts, you can get much greater value in case you sell each part separately. There is a great demand for various parts for any model on the roads, and you can easily sell them online. For example, an engine of Ford Mondeo costs over 1000$. After you sell of working parts, you can sell remains as recycle material.

7.      Resolve the Issues Before Selling


You should not rush with your plan to sell a vehicle with malfunction. Instead of that, do a research on how much would it cost you to fix the car, and then sell it in good condition. In most cases, every potential buyer of a vehicle with mechanical issues will offer you a small price because he is leading with the thought that you just want to get rid of that car as fast as possible. If you have a recent model of some vehicle, maybe you can get a much bigger price if you fix the issues by yourself.

There are some services that might want to get at your place and take away your broken vehicle to fix it. However, you will need to calculate what will be a better investment, sell it in the current condition, or try to fix it. The mechanic service will provide you with the report, and you can decide what would be the best case.