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6 Best Ways To Save Money Quickly While Shopping Online

by Tracy Finke

Lately, the craze of online shopping is booming. Today almost 7 out of 10 people around the nation shop online. From grocery to fashion apparels, household utilities to daily life services, we shop online for almost everything. In fact, life becomes easier with Smartphone shopping.

However, not everybody can afford to shop online. Sometimes we see good products or services, but the price is a real challenge. This is where the promo code comes into the picture. Whether you want Lifeboost Coffee coupons or the denim jeans discount, you can find a deal for everything. Isn’t it cool?

The Internet is full of resources. If you take advantage of coupon code, you can save $300 a year like a savvy shopper at CouponBirds. Just type the brand name into the website to find coupon codes and items that are on sale. For example, you can search Nick, Walmart, Macy’s. You’ll find storewide coupons and a code for free shipping on your first order.

Below are some cool and probably new ways you can follow to save a huge amount of money every time you shop online. All these options are 100% free and easy to follow. You don’t need any special training or technical knowledge at all.

1. Subscribe and Follow

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Majority of the people always stick to their favorite sites. You might use Amazon only for most of your online shopping. There are some others who use Walmart for their shopping, while few more use eBay. Humans have the mentality to stick to their favorite place.

If you are shopping for particular stores, then I suggest signing up for their email newsletter. Being a subscriber you will be the first to know about their promotional offers and upcoming deals if any. This is how you can plan your shopping and save even more.

2. Always Follow Google Tricks

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Whenever you want to shop online, make sure to check out Google first. You must be wondering why the heck I suggest Google. Well, you just have to put the store name + coupon code in Google and you will find the list of sites having discounts for that particular store.

As per the Couponsaturn, if you want a discount for Cololight, then you will have to type “Cololight coupon code” into Google and you will see the list of so many websites over there. Choose either of those and you will get the coupon. It is the easiest and fastest way to find your coupon online.

You can follow the same tricks for Bing.com and other search engines too. Don’t just open one site! Make sure to open at least the first 5 sites and compare  the best deal before you shop.

3. Download Apps or Install Chrome Extensions

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Lately, there are so many Google chrome and Firefox extensions available for online shoppers. The mission of such utilities is to help you while you shop. So you don’t have to browse different sites or don’t even have to search in Google. Simply install such an extension in your browser and it will fetch the perfect deal while you shop from your favorite site.

4. Join Private Communities and Discords

Lately,  the Discord and Private Facebook groups have become the popular destination for the frugal savers around the world. Majority of such communities are FREE. You can use a dedicated email address to join all such forums and communities for your shopping.

Chances are high that you get some top deals that can’t be available anywhere else. You can also join paid membership if you are an avid shopper and looking for a guaranteed discount on your shopping. In the end, you will save more than what you spend on membership. So not a bad deal at all.

5. People Who Asks Always Win

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Don’t push back by asking for coupons for your favorite stores. We often hesitate to ask the team of the official site about any promo code or deals. However, sometimes the store has private deals available for certain users or products only. That’s why, I always suggest asking the store owner or team about possible discounts if any. Even millionaires try to save money while shopping. There is nothing wrong in asking for coupons.

6. Download Deal Hunting Apps

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As per the recent data, over 90% of internet users are from mobile only. That’s why more and more people are diverting towards Smartphone applications to save money. Nobody likes to search Google or Bing before placing an order. Even people don’t have time for such things. That’s why potential and frequent shoppers always install apps. There are so many apps available within Google Play Store and iTunes for Android and iOS users respectively.

Sites like couponstroller.com, Retailmenot, Coupons.com and Deals.com have mobile applications for their visitors. You can download their apps to get instant notification from within your Smartphone whenever a new coupon is released by your favorite store. You can opt in to release notification for certain stores or brands discount code only.

Apart from installing mobile applications, you can also install browser extensions. Visit Chrome or Firefox stores, and you will find dozens of money saving or smart shopping extensions out there. Make sure to read the reviews and features first to avoid any after installation confusion. The browser extension is a better choice for all those who shop through desktop or laptop. If you shop from mobile, then I suggest using apps only.

Final Thoughts

Hope you enjoy reading my list of best methods to save money quickly. Well, there are endless possibilities when you shop online. However, it’s up to you what you choose and what not. Due to the time limit, and to make it easy for you to understand all these options, I have to stop this article here. I will come up with many more such secret methods to save money while you shop online.

I suggest using more than one option and you will definitely get the deal to make your shopping affordable and memorable. At first you may experience it a little difficult, but gradually you will learn and it will become a habit to save money through coupons. If you are using any other tricks or methods to shop frugally, then comment here. After all, sharing is caring. Let everybody know how you save and what you do to save money online?