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Salsify – The Best Plant to Use as Remedy

by Elsa Stringer

Most of us have never had a chance to try this unusual vegetable, which was quite popular in the Victorian Era. It can be eaten throughout the year and it contains a lot of nutrients which are good for your organism. The plant is called salsify.


What is Salsify?

It is a root vegetable, similar to carrots and potatoes. When the root is peeled, the narrow white “stick” can be found in the front end which resembles asparagus. However, these two vegetable types are not the same.


Salsify belongs to the sunflower family and two types can be distinguished – black and white. The former is tastier and easier to peel. Salsify, also known as “goatsbeard”, was one of the favorite foods in the 1800s but today, it can only be found on menus of the luxurious restaurants.

How Does it Taste?

The taste of salsify is similar to the one of oysters and some even compare it to the artichokes, but with more liquid. Perhaps this sounds as if the taste is too strong for you but keep in mind that different types of this vegetable come with different flavor.


Salsify contains more calcium than bananas, it is protein and iron-rich while it also has traces of zinc.

Easy to Cook

When it comes to preparation, salsify is quite easy to cook. It is best to peel it first and then wash it under a stream of water. Chop it afterward and then put it into the boiling water and add some butter, lemon juice, and salt.


Boil it on medium heat and once it is done, it is important to dry it well. You can always add béchamel sauce on top of it. Unlike some other root vegetables, salsify can be eaten fresh and only washed.