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Some Safety Tips for Road Tripping in the Age of Corona

by Elsa Stringer

Road tripping without any doubt is the best escapade you can experience in this life. People who do road-tripping never quit this adventure in their whole lives. Although free souls do road tripping during all seasons but summer people go on road trips more often. In road trips, you get to see and experience everything more closely.

You will see some of the least visited but most beauteous places on secondary roads during your road trips. When you travel by air you might reach your destination earlier but on road trips, your journey is your destination; you will enjoy your journey even more than the destination you are going to visit.


As the summer season has arrived and you must be longing for a road trip. But the corona pandemic is trying to hold your free soul to your homes, we have enlisted some safety tips to follow if you want to hit the road on your motorcycle or 4wheeler for a long road trip. Hopefully, by following these tips you could save yourself from the corona.

Steps to take before hitting the road:

Plan your route:


Planning your route before starting your journey will save you from many troubles. First of all, you should analyze the full details about the corona situation in the area you are going to visit. If the pandemic is uncontrollably increasing, there are great chances of lockdown and you may find yourself stuck in that area for even months.

You should also research the rules and regulations of the state you are going to visit, it will help you do and take all the legal things on your trip. Secondly, you should observe the information on the areas and roads you are going to travel through to reach your destination. If they are not safe for any reason, you can switch your route.

Moreover, you must also know about the weather conditions and the changes in weather likely to occur in a few days, for your perfect road trip preparation. Click here to buy some fine quality vests for extreme weather.

Pack a virus kit:


After thorough planning, pack your essentials for the road trip. You should bring plenty of sanitizers, gloves, masks and paper towels for they will be needed. Besides packing other regular things, you must also bring plenty of food, water bottles, products for cleaning and sanitizing the surfaces of your vehicle, medicines, and snacks to avoid dining out as much as possible.

Stock your car with food:


Any step you take to minimize close interaction with other people will reduce your risk of getting infected with the corona pandemic. So, it’s better to pack a large number of drinks, road trip snacks, and meals if possible before you leave to have limited interaction along the way to quick bathroom breaks.

Tips for staying safe during the trip:

Follow the recommended hygiene practices:


First of all, you should keep yourself updated about the pandemic. You must follow the latest hygiene instructions provided by the WHO. Wear your masks and keep a safe distance with others even if they are wearing their masks too. Wash your hands frequently preferably with soap and water but you can use sanitizer too in a situation where you can’t wash them.

Take extra steps when pumping gas:


Handles of the pumping nozzles would be touched by hundreds of people so you need to carefully handle this. The best practice is you can use disposable gloves while using the pumping nozzle; you must dispose of the gloves after you are done fueling. After fueling you better use a credit card to pay rather than paying through cash.

Drive safe because the roads are empty:

There are two problems with empty or light traffic roads. First, everyone will drive at a very high speed and the chances of accidents are very common. Secondly, you might find bandits while on the road. To avoid both of these situations beware of the surroundings and drive at your controllable speed.

Limit stops as much as possible:

Even if you’re spending most of your trip in your vehicle, you might make contact with the outside world when you make a stop. Try to limit stops and if you have to make a stop, sanitize yourself before continuing your journey. To avoid contact with other people, you should dine at weird timing when hotels are empty.

Before entering the hotel, make sure they are following all the recommendations for the COVID pandemic. Moreover, you should also take extra care when stopping to use the toilet because so many travelers are using the same washrooms. Avoid touching anything that is unnecessary while on the stop and sanitize yourself thoroughly before continuing the journey.

Additionally, if you are using accommodation, make sure that it has been completely sanitized after the previous customer checked out. It’s better to get your room sanitized before your eyes.

Sanitize your space before you eat:


It’s highly recommended that before eating you must wipe down the table with a disinfectant wipe and use hand sanitizer after interacting with waiters or cashiers. It’s better to avoid dine in during your trip. You can eat in your car or on your motorcycle instead because it will reduce your interaction.

Before going out to eat, check in advance that the restaurant is set up to allow the physical distance between guests and that restaurant employees are wearing masks. Moreover, outdoor seating is preferable to eating indoors, as airflow and dispersion outside can help limit exposure to droplets from other diners.

The upshot:


Conclusively, road tripping has a great attraction, and people who do often just can’t stop themselves from going on one, so, it’s better to follow the aforementioned tips for your safe journey. Road tripping on a motorcycle is although riskier but still, the adventure that you can experience on a bike while wearing your safety gear like helmet, vests, and boots is just matchless.