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Ronnie Magro Has Pulled Another Trick On His Ex Jen Harley

by Mary McFarren

Ronnie Magro earlier this year has pledged to himself and the public that he is done with reckless behavior and unreasonable outbursts. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long before the Jersey Shore star threw another tantrum.

Ron, and his equally troubled ex Jen Harley, are still going off on each other even though they went their separate ways a couple of years ago. However, the former couple is still bound by their three-year-old daughter Ariana. Co-parenting a toddler seems to be a difficult task for Ronnie and Jen. Putting the well-being of the child falls on the backburner in favor of their constant bickering.

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This time, Ron filed a suit against Jen requesting her to move out of their former house in Las Vegas. The troublesome reality star claims that they purchased the home while they were still together having the mortgage on both of their names. He is still stuck with paying for HOA and utilities for the residence. Further, Ron claims that Jen missed paying the mortgage for several months and it’s reflecting his financial stability. Supposedly, Jen borrowed money for remodeling and failed to pay it back in time, causing the back to put a lien on the home.

On the other side, Jen’s lawyer is saying that she is the sole owner of the property. Jen and Ariana live in a $725K, 3000 sq ft home Las Vegas home since the couple split. In addition, Jen supposedly paid off Ron when he moved out. Kicking Jen out of the house means that Rob would be leaving his daughter without a roof over her head too since Jen has the primary physical custody of the child. However, this didn’t faze him one bit.

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Considering the checkered past of both parties, it’s hard to say what’s the truth. What we do know for a fact is that Ron still has a multimillion-dollar yearly pay working in Jersey Shore, while Jen is currently unemployed.

Back in April, Ronnie was booked for domestic violence to his “intimate partner”. At the time of the incident, Ron’s daughter was in his care, but, luckily, the child was not hurt and was swiftly picked by her mom, Jen Harley. Further, Ron was already on probation from previous domestic violence when he held his ex, Harley, at knifepoint. He was released by LAPD the next day on a $100,000 bond. Ron is currently engaged to Saffire Matos.

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Jen has had her share of problems. She is currently dating a guy named Joe, and it seems like there is trouble in paradise. In June, Jen was charged with assault with a deadly weapon when she pulled a gun on her boyfriend after the dispute. In order to avoid a jail sentence, Jen signed up for a 28-day rehab, only to leave the facilities a few days later. For now, she stays the primary custodian of Ariana, living in Las Vegas.

Both look unfit to take care of themselves let alone of a small child. Going from one psychotic phase to another, followed by aggressive bursts and out-of-control attacks, is surely not the safe environment for a child. Ron’s suit will only add fuel to the fire, so we’re waiting to see Jen’s next move.