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The Role Of Robotics In The Industry 4.0

by Tracy Finke

As technology continues to grow, so will the robotics industry and how we use robotics in our day to day lives as consumers and businesses. Not only will robotics open the door to new ways of doing things, but they will also improve the way we currently do things, increasing productivity, helping make things safer and in some instances being more reliable..

In today’s world, many industries use them to help on a day to day basis. Car manufacturers like Tesla use robotics to help with their cars, hospitals use them to automate the process for medication and the drinks industry even uses them to create cocktails. MSC cruises have a robot bartender on board to serve guests’ drinks.

Robots are the future, so what will the role of robots be in the future? Below we look at the robotic industry 4.0 and the benefits it will bring.

Robotics can improve productivity

For many industries, increasing productivity is key to improving profits and developing their business. Robotics currently improves this and will only get stronger and stronger in this area. With their potential so high, as the years go by more industries will turn to robots to help them, which in turn will help the robotic industry develop more.

Whilst now they hugely help with accuracy, reducing mistakes, are more reliable and more accurate, you can only imagine how much improvement can be made on this over the next 10 to 20 years. Mobile phones are a fine example of how far technology can develop over 10 years. Where will they be in the next 10 years we wonder? The jump between your current android or apple device over your old flip phone is huge, what will we be using in the future to communicate with each other?

Even better features

The features that are currently available within the robotic industry are already very impressive, but where these can go in the next 10 years is an exciting journey to watch. Improvement in accuracy and reliability is a given but what is the unimaginable that will become imaginable over the years? Could the role of a robot be that driverless cars are the way we get around? And how will robots affect the medical field? Farming will certainly be improved and so will production lines. Could it be that robots will be making our food instead of a chef? In the years to come, it will be interesting to watch this space.

Changes will have to be made

Source: nytimes.com

The more robots are implemented in society, the more change and acceptance will be required. Currently, as humans, we are very accepting of robotics and how we use them within our lives but this is set to continue to develop. With new technology being created, new jobs will be created whilst others will be shifted.

For example, the applications of robotics in agriculture are shifting, meaning new jobs will be created to help manage robotics and keep them working to the best of their ability. However, these robots may replace the other jobs that once were there. This isn’t a negative as new jobs are created, but change will have to be accepted. In the future, different careers will be available with different training methods due to robots being a big part of society.

An integral part to our day to day lives

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In the future, it won’t be a surprise to be using robotics or to interact with a robot as it will be more integrated into our day to day lives. When shopping, you will be expected to interact with one, duties like cleaning or cooking will be done using robotics and self driverless cars are an inevitability.

With the technology evolving, tasks which you never thought would be possible will be an everyday occurrence, whilst tasks which you currently see them doing will be even more effective. Imagine a robot setting up a pool table, a robot as a goalkeeper when practicing football or a digital assistant when calling a call center. There will be bars that are solely run by robots as well as supermarkets. There is so much growth in the robotics sector to be had.

The types of robotics will change

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Robotics has been around for many years, assisting you in a way you may not have realized. As we move into the future, different robotics will be launched helping different industries and ones that robotics may not currently be able to help. The military will continue to use them, we use robotics to explore outer planets – how will this change and what type of robots will be used in the future? It’s increasingly likely that we will include more robotics for entertainment purposes and medical creation and research.

If a place is considered hazardous, mobile robots from robotnik.eu can be used instead of humans – how will these technologies develop? Thanks to robotics manufacturers entering the area, for example, Robotnik is a company that manufactures and markets mobile robots and mobile manipulators for every type of industry, OnRobot is a company creating tools and software for robotics applications. With so many different ways in which robotics can help us, the possibilities are endless and the manufacturers are more and more every day.


In an industry where technology changes and improves on a daily basis, who knows how the robotic industry will change over the years. What we do know is that we rely on it heavily now and will continue to do so in the future. This will only be the start of great things when it comes to robotics and how they benefit us. The skills and usefulness of a robot are second to none, so it will be exciting to watch this field develop and grow.

How do you think robotics will change in the coming years? Do you currently use robotics within your business or are you set to start using them? Is there anything you would like to add to the above? Let us know in the comment box below.