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Renting Supercars Pros And Cons

by Jajce d Muckic

Like many other people that are crazy for cars, you might have a certain model of an exotic supercar that you have been in love with since you were a kid. Aside from its huge value as a status symbol, there is nothing else like pushing these beasts of a car on a wide and open road. While they are certainly fast, impressive and luxurious, like everything else in the world there are two sides you need to consider before renting a supercar. Here is a list of all the main pros and cons of owning a supercar.


The most obvious pro of owning an exotic supercar is the fact that their amazing performance and speed cannot be beaten or compared. A high-end sports cars will easily get their speed up to 165mph. Some of the more expensive models can even reach 250mph, rivaling against the fastest cars on earth. The suspension, handling and so forth are also made to perfection.


Another big pro of these supercars is the sheer prestige that they can get you. When you rent or buy an exotic supercar, you will be joining an elite owner’s club, which has a very limited membership because of the giant prices of these cars. If you do not care what other people think about you based on your cars, then it won’t matter to you much, but if you do care, then this is certainly a pro. Exotic supercars can also be a great investment.

This is true if the car you buy is a special or limited edition which means that it has probably been manufactured in small numbers. While this is not always a sure thing, the right cars can get as much as 12% per year if it is kept in pristine condition. According to SupercarsMonaco.com, supercars have become more accessible to regular people now more than ever.


The most glaring and obvious drawback of these exotic supercars Is, of course, their price.” say ESR Prestige. As much as you love cars, owning these exotic cars may not be worth it. It is not just the price of the vehicle that will cost you, but every single standard tune-up or maintenance will also be very expensive.


Even simple and regular things like an oil change, you may have to skip your usual mechanic and need to find yourself a specialist. While most supercars have been engineered to perfections, you will still need a repair sometimes and it won’t be cheap.

The fuel economy on most exotic supercars is also a crucial drawback which you will have to consider if money is an issue. A lot of people do not know this, but most of these supercars spend gas like crazy and aren’t economic at all. Trips to the gas stations will cost you a small fortune that will last for a short amount of time. The best economic you can find in a Porsche or a Ferrari is about 15mpg. However, if you want to go for something with a larger engine like a v12, you may even get only 5 to 6 miles per gallon.