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5 Reasons to Rent a Commercial Ice Machine for Your Business

by Elsa Stringer

Imagine having an ice-cold beverage at your disposal every time you want it. Regardless if it’s a juice, something stronger, or a glass of water, just think about having it whenever it suits you. Hot and humid days wouldn’t be as terrible, now wouldn’t they? All of this can be done if you get yourself an ice maker. In this article, we’ll talk about 5 reasons to rent a commercial ice machine for your business.


If the summer is the season when your company or office has the most work, this move is a perfect solution for you. It’s an ideal addition for both yourself, your workers, and customers alike. Cold relief on hot summer days, is what will make your workers eager to get back to work where a refreshment awaits. Having one of these rented is not complicated, and it carries a lot of benefits with it, which you can be assured if you visit this website.

But, for now, let’s start with what we came for, the right sides of ice machines at your disposal. By the time you finish this article, you’ll be calling to rent one.

Health Benefits


This is not the first thing that crossed your mind, and that’s all right. We’ll tell you why having an ice machine in your office has health benefits. First of all, it encourages hydration. According to various studies, people at work don’t drink nearly enough water during work-hours. We all know that eight glasses a day is the norm, but people often forget about this. With an ice machine on the spot, and with the possibility of a cold drink at any given moment, this would change—a change for the best.

The reasons are that cold water is more comfortable to drink at room temperature, and also ice increases the sensitivity in our mouths. Furthermore, it’s ideal to have this device at work for people who workout before going to work, as the cold water is better for muscles, hydrates faster and generates less sweat.

If we didn’t have enough reason for promoting ice makers in the two paragraphs above, we’d just say that it helps in losing weight. Cold water does this by making your stomach feel fuller than it is, thus suppressing the appetite. Also, when you drink cold water, your body is going to work harder to warm it up, and it would burn more calories in the process. In the end, it’s essential to mention that it also aids cognitive function. If you chew on ice a little bit, more blood will be pumped to your brain, and thus you’ll think faster, process more information, and be more productive.

Beat The Competition


We live in a time when being ahead is all that matters. If you want to excel in business, you need to have satisfied customers. This is achieved by excellent working customer service. If you have a lot of clients going through your working space in the summer, then you already need to know they’ll need a cold drink. This is precisely what you need to provide them and show that you are thoughtful and caring for their well being. Everyone is going to remember a man or a company that gave relief to their thirst amid hot weather. This option is one way to build a loyal customer base.

Boosting Morale


Once in a while, every business needs a morale boost. It’s simple; people tend to lose focus and relax too much and get unsatisfied without reason. Often, the reason for this is that people work on the inside under air conditioners, while there’s beautiful weather outside. If you opt for renting an ice machine, you could bring a little joy and freshness on the inside.

Now, this might not look like a game-changing move, but it is. If you make it available for both your workers, customers, and business partners, ice to spice beverages could work favorably on them. On a hot day, it’s ice that will make you happy. Do this for your employees.

Low Entry Cost


This is a critical stance to take a look at if you are not able to buy one straight away. Maybe you shouldn’t buy one at all t if you look at this benefit. Initial costs for an ice machine are quite significant if you want to buy one. They are priced at thousands of dollars, and that might not be affordable to you straight away.

Also, if you opt for various additional equipment, you might part with as much as $5000. This sum is too much without getting anything in the return from the start. But, if you opt for a rental piece, your initial costs are going to be rather low. Because of this, you’ll be able to headstart your business and have a satisfied customer base without spending too much.

You Get Free Service and Maintenance

What else can you ask for from a rental company? If you run a business, you have plenty of obligations, to begin with, besides taking care of an ice machine. Having one is all good and helpful, but you’ll want to avoid too much responsibility for its maintenance. And if we consider someone could do it for you, free of charge, you’ll understand why a rental device is a good option. In almost all instances, when renting an ice machine, this is what you get included in the price of renting.

Are Ice Machines Safe?


If you opt for renting one of these, you need to take care of the safety of your workers and customers. Having one at your ground is beneficial, but you’ll need to take care of health measures. You need to make sure that no one has direct contact with the water or ice before usage. Because of this, you better opt for a model that has a sanitary touchpad dispenser, which allows everyone who uses it to be sanitized.

With all that we said above, we see no reason you shouldn’t rent an ice machine and change your work surroundings.