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Is Relocating to LA Is the Right Decision for You

by Tracy Finke

Wiseman once said that the change is nothing else but a new beginning, and we cannot think of a better place to start anew than the City of Angels. The LA represents a place where you can both continue what you were doing in the past, or even begin your journey from a scratch depending on what suits your lifestyle and matches your plans for the future.

Not only is Los Angeles home to numerous Hollywood superstars but it is also a place where a vast majority of them started their journey toward fame. Thus, read the following lines and try to figure out if relocating to LA is the right decision for you and your closest ones.

The Diversity

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The City of Angels has it all, so you can basically choose the neighborhood that suits you in order not to end up somewhere you would not feel like you are a genuine part of it. The aforementioned implies you do thorough research before you decide to make a move and relocate out of the blue just because you have had it off your old place of residence.

Namely, we recommend you assess whether a state-of-the-art neighborhood such as South Park would appeal to you more than a North Hollywood, which is incomparably more peaceful and better-suited for couples either with children or with plans of having some in near future.

Naturally, the two are not the only communities to choose from, but they should appoint you to the diversities LA has to offer.

Well Suited for Drivers

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If you are accustomed to spending a majority of your day in your car, you should seriously consider LA as your new place to be, since the city’s traffic is designed to respond to the needs of a large number of active drivers. Still, we cannot say there are no traffic jams, and you will be participating in their forming as long as you travel from one district to another.

On the other hand, the city of LA has the 3rd largest public transport system, so you should have your needs met even if you decide to take a rest from cruising with your ride. We should not forget the mention that the city’s authorities worry about bicycle riders and tend to provide additional infrastructure for enthusiasts who prefer riding 2 to 4 wheels and contribute to saving the environment.

Employment Opportunities

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Before we continue talking about business opportunities in LA, we should clarify that you should do your homework and assess whether you should first get a job and organize the relocation, or try your chances once you arrive at the City of Angels.

Whatever suits your style is fine by us, especially if you consider the unemployment rate which barely goes beyond 4%. Thus, it would be ludicrous to state the job market is not full of opportunities, especially if you intend on building a career in professions related to IT, entertainment, marketing, biotech, fashion, hospitality, or other modern crafts the LA just cannot function without.

If the wide job offer would do the trick and do the necessary to make up your mind regarding moving to Los Angeles, checking out services such as Moveeast should be the next thing on your obligatory to-do list.

The Weather

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The weather typical of LA is what we might describe as most similar to the Mediterranean climate. Namely, for most of the year, you should expect warm weather and sunny days ideal for outdoor physical activities such as running, cycling, or anything else that comes to your mind.

A vast majority of LA citizens have no idea that the city was built on desert land, and owes its beautiful eco-system to artificially conducted water. Now, when an irrigated desert is matched with an ocean, you get the perfect symbiosis that allows some of the beautiful plant species to thrive and amaze the inhabitants with the view.

When we talk about precipitation, you should know that the rain might fall for approximately 35 days over the whole year, which is an amazing feature making the LA a place to be for beautiful weather aficionados.

The Food

Los Angeles is a multicultural society where the culture and the tradition of different nations function in unity. Now, there is no culture such as food culture, so you should be happy to try different variations of mixed dishes as well as the traditional ones typical for contrasting traditions if you come to live in LA.

Mexican, Thau, Indian, Italian, Korean, or Chinese are just some of the most famous cuisines represented on the official menu of the LA, but you can also enjoy different dishes offered by some of the most recognized restaurants in the US. If dining at fancy restaurants does not match your style, you can always turn to numerous fast-food kiosks for a quick bite that would both satisfy your hunger and your palate.

The Pollution

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LA was infamous for being one of the most air-polluted cities back in the sixties, but things have changed for the better during the last few decades.

Still, you should not expect to breathe in the freshest air if you choose to move to the City of Angels, since the air quality does not go beyond medium. Unfortunately, the chances it will go under the average are more likely than the opposite.

Additionally, frequent fog rising from the ocean from time to time combined with the light emitted by the city will probably prevent you from enjoying the starry sky. Fortunately, people opting to shift from standard vehicles to electrically powered rides give hope that the skies will become more eye-pleasing in the future.

Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of information will potentiate you to decide whether the LA is a place to be or you would rather frequent it from time to time than make it your permanent place of residence.

Unquestionably, the City of Angels is one of the most unique places in the world, so giving it a try not only for the opportunities it bestows on its citizens but also for the beauties it has to offer, is something we would definitely recommend.