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Reasons You Should Adopt A Cat

by Sinke Car

Apart from their cute appearance, they are soft, warm, and delightful to touch and live with. It’s no wonder they’re America’s most popular pets. There are currently 88 million kitties shacking with People of the United States. In this post, I will be listing the reasons why you should adopt a cat as your furry companion.

They are good for the heart: According to Minnesota University, owning such a pet can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. A 2008 study found that they reduce stress and anxiety, lowering the risk of a heart attack by as much as 40%.

They have healing powers in their purrs: they purr are known to have healing powers, which can reduce blood pressure. They also improve bone strength, repair muscle, and ligament injuries and decrease human dyspnea. Next time in the gym, when you overdo it, forget the ice packs and drape yourself with your cats.


They’re pretty clean: While they always shed; otherwise, they tend to be pretty neat, they have a meticulous bathroom and grooming habits already. However, they are far less likely than their canine counterparts to shred your garbage or trail mud in your house.

They can prevent pests: these pets naturally feed on rats, mice, insects, etc. If it’s moving and it’s tiny, they will pounce on it. This trait is used by many Humane Societies to help feral kitties find homes. The Working Cats program matches “unadoptable” cats with families and business owners who would love a pest control. Although, these lovely pets can help you get rid of mice and rats from your home, they can get infested with fleas or ticks sometimes, especially when you live in such environments where these pesky pests are prevalent. Nonetheless, you can call pest control for bugs in Greensboro NC, or any local pest-control companies close to you for inspection, and access to professional advice. For more information check go-forth.com.


Mostly need a small amount of grooming: they carefully groom themselves and stay clean. On your part, your average, happy, shorthaired cat needs very little grooming. Examples are long-haired cats that need brushing and may benefit from professional grooming services; or obese, elderly, or disabled cats that are unable to clean themselves properly.

You will be saving more than one life by adopting a cat: According to the ASPCA, 3.2 million of them are found every year in shelters, of which about 860,000 are euthanized every year. Adopting a feline pet not only benefits one of these many animals in need of a family but also opens up space for shelters and rescue groups to take in another feline friend.


They are very independent pet: they also prefer to take care of themselves, unlike dogs. Although they love their humans and enjoy their time together as many dogs do, they do not need walks or constant attention. Their natural independence makes them the favorite pet for busy professionals.

Cats give emotional support: They provide a presence that is quiet and calming when we need it most. However, most pet owners choose to set up their feline friends as therapeutic animals to help them deal with anxiety, depression, and panic attacks.


Cats are perfect for your apartment: Whether you live in an apartment, condo, or other small space, your purry friend be a great companion because cats don’t take lots of room or daily walks like a dog. They are generally low maintenance, and they make lovely roommates if you provide them with toys like cat trees and window rests for enrichment.

They love to take a nap: Don’t want to be disturbed on the weekends? They can sleep anywhere from 15-19 hours in a day, making them the perfect companion for you when you don’t want to be disturbed when watching Netflix.


They can make other pets happy: If you have another pet or a cat-friendly dog, adopting another pet home from a shelter will help reduce lonely feelings during the day you’re out. Note, you’re going to want to ask the shelter to help you “cat check” your dog, and if you’ve got a cat, expect an adjustment period before the new and current cats feel comfortable together.

They promote a strong immune system in kids: Children are less likely to have allergies and respiratory issues if they grow up with them, according to the Journal of Pediatrics.


They are suitable for older citizens’ companions: They are excellent senior companions; they can provide loving companionship for older people, especially older, calmer cats. Just as I said before, they are easy to care for, and with some helpful advice from the shelter staff and volunteers, you can find one in a shelter that suits your lifestyle. Pet finder and Adopt-a-Pet can be visited to adopt a cat or find pets in shelters and rescues near you. You can also provide referrals to rescue agencies through your veterinary office or local pet shops, and many offer cat adoptions themselves.