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9 Reasons Why You Need Custom Vinyl Records For Your New LP – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

If you’re a musician and you’ve never released an LP on custom vinyl records, allow me to ask you this question please: What’s stopping you?

Seriously. Vinyl is the shiz (we all know this) but unlike before, you can actually make a few records so you won’t go broke. Making and selling vinyl is NOT as tough as when it first came out. According to UnifiedManufacturing.com, tons of custom vinyl records US-made have already been released by many American artists this year.

It’s time you release yours, too.

I’m sure you’re not yet convinced so allow us to give you clear reasons why you need to have custom vinyl records for your new LP!

1. People are actually buying them again

img source: ohiomagazine.com

You might have already heard of this but I’m still gonna say it because it’s not a myth.

Vinyl records are making a comeback and this time stronger, better, and with more loyal listeners.

It has successfully surpassed US CD sales in 2024 with 27.5 million records sold in the US alone. Vinyl UK sales have also had their highest recorded sales in the last 30 years.

People are actually buying vinyl and we’re not just talking about the oldies, mind you, but even the younger ones own turntables and have a vinyl collection these days. We want to have something more than just digital files, we want something we can touch and keep.

2. Vinyl offers an experience beyond just music

img source: texasmonthly.com

This increase in custom vinyl record sales may be attributed to the unique experience the format gives.

We’re all aware that custom vinyl records are not the only physical audio formats that can be offered but there’s just something that separates them from CDs, cassette tapes, and the others.

Unlike the two mentioned formats, the vinyl record format is needier of your attention.

After putting a CD or tape inside their respective players, you’ll just listen to it until the album ends, but with vinyl records? You’ll have to flip them to hear the full album. You also can’t go running while listening to music on vinyl, that’s for sure.

And let’s not even compare it to Spotify. Jeezus!

We listen to other formats when we’re taking a shower or riding the metro, but we listen to vinyl when we want to truly immerse ourselves in the music. Music then before more than just background music to our lives as we do mundane tasks, it becomes an experience that we can get lost in.

3. A vinyl record is like a baby

img source: unsplash.com

Vinyl records need more care and TLC than any other format.

It’s like a spoiled rich brat that needs more pampering or else. And even with all the hassle, fans are loving it. Maybe some even love it for this reason, too.

You need to make sure you don’t scratch the surface of the vinyl.
You need to make sure you won’t drop them.

They’re delicate, fragile things and this makes them even more precious.

4. That warm sound

img source: loudersound.com

We can’t really say which format is the best in terms of sound quality because it’s subjective, but we know for sure that vinyl is much loved for its warm sound.

It has this cozy, textured sound that makes the listening experience more cozy, like it takes you to a distant past where the internet doesn’t exist.

Of course, there are some disadvantages with vinyl since they can be much more susceptible to scratches that cause distortion. However, the distortion and crack and pop all make vinyl listening more enjoyable to some, too.

5. Vinyl is a piece of art

Unlike digital music, vinyl records are collectible art pieces. These gems will become more valuable as time passes by. Some even cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. No kidding!

Vinyl satisfies both the musicians desire for releasing art in another medium and the fans desire to collect things they can collect. Something you can never do with USB and downloads.

6. Vinyl records can come in different colors and shapes

img source: leemartin.dev

Vinyl is a great marketing tool. It will keep fans hooked and talking if the vinyl is actually awesome. And it’s so easy to make vinyl awesome these days.

Custom vinyl records can be in different colors and shapes.

Since the 50s, custom vinyl record pressing plants have been offering a variety of creative options– from colors, materials, shapes, packaging.

Moreover, you can have these colors mixed into just one custom vinyl record. It can have different designs, like the famous splatter vinyl or even a glow-in-the-dark one.

If you’ve decided to have a colored custom vinyl, you can even have different colors of each since you can find vinyl pressing plants with low minimum order these days.

It’s no wonder many artists are releasing fancier and fancier vinyl records.

7. You don’t need to spend big bucks to press vinyl

img source: townnews.com

We all know how vinyl records can be costly but vinyl pressing plants created a solution so that no artist will be intimidated in pressing their first record.

Pressing plants now offer custom vinyl record pressing with no minimum to help indie artists and bands have their albums pressed on vinyl.

With no more minimum units set by pressing plants, indie artists can now have custom vinyl recording pressings in fewer units than the usual orders. This is such a blessing because they won’t have to worry about upfront costs.

8. Vinyl record pressing plants are now more eco-friendly

As (woke) human beings, we wouldn’t want to hurt our planet even more right?

If you’re a musician, the idea of selling plastic might make you feel guilty.

Let me tell you this: You shouldn’t be.

Most vinyl pressing plants are pushing for ways to make the production of vinyl more eco-friendly by using more eco-friendly alternatives like using soy and vegetable-based inks instead of petroleum-based inks, calcium zinc stabilizers instead of the toxic metal stabilizers, and many more.

9. You’ll be hella proud of yourself

img source: thehoneycombers.com

CD legitimizes you, but heck! Vinyl puts you in the same level as your favorite artists!

I’m sure the feeling of seeing your very first vinyl record feels priceless. It’s a piece of you that’s in the coolest music format!

You’d be proud of yourself and your music until your dying day.

And you know what? You can pass it on to your children and grandchildren as proof of how awesome you are.

You see? There are so many reasons why releasing music on vinyl is awesome! It’s something you most definitely won’t regret, especially because it’s now affordable and easy to do.

Go make them badass vinyl records now!