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What Kinds of Real Estate Properties Can You Buy With Cryptocurrency?

by Tracy Finke

Anyone wishing to diversify their portfolio internationally might consider investing in real estate as a consistently trustworthy option. Its comparatively stable nature balances out the inherent volatility in the crypto sphere and potentially opens up doors for economic citizenship in many different nations.

Since a growing number of real estate investors are now using cryptocurrencies to purchase property worldwide, international real estate is also becoming more tolerant of it.

Numerous characteristics of cryptocurrencies make them appealing to buyers and sellers in the real estate industry.

Direct peer-to-peer transactions with cryptocurrencies eliminate intermediaries like banks, and all transfers are precisely documented in the blockchain. Future open-source, self-enforcing mortgage contracts could be made using Ethereum, which is based on smart contracts.

While the real estate potential of cryptocurrency is slowly becoming apparent, there are still certain restrictions on your ability to purchase real estate using Bitcoin because your ability to use cryptocurrency is contingent upon the acceptance of others.

How does cryptocurrency relate to real estate?

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Crypto real estate is the use of cryptocurrencies in real estate transactions, to put it simply. And these exchanges take place in both the physical world and the metaverse, a digital environment.

To begin with, bitcoin is virtual cash that resides on the blockchain. Most likely, you’ve heard of well-known cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. These cryptocurrencies have significantly impacted payments, remittances, and foreign exchange, notably in the real estate sector.

Consumers have recently begun using blockchain technology to pay for routine purchases. And the real estate sector is paying attention to this new development and moving ahead of it.

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How To Buy A House With Cryptocurrency?

1. Convert To Cash

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Converting only enough cryptocurrency to dollars to cover the cost of the house is the most archaic approach to buying a home with cryptocurrency. However, you should think about the tax repercussions. You might have to pay capital gains taxes, just like you would if you sold shares, depending on how long you owned the cryptocurrency. If you withdraw money and sell your cryptocurrency for a profit, you’ll have to pay taxes on that profit, which are determined by your income level.

2 Transfer Directly

This is the purest form of a crypto transaction. The house buyer sends cryptocurrencies directly to the seller’s digital wallet from their own. But given that most conventional real estate brokers aren’t set up to get their income in cryptocurrency, it might not be as simple as it seems.

To take this approach, you’ll need to find a real estate agent and a lawyer who are both knowledgeable about cryptocurrencies and can assist you with the escrow. After that, the title business and an accredited bank are required to handle the escrow. Additionally, you’ll need to track down a homeowner who will accept cryptocurrency as payment.

3. Get A Mortgage

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You can use your bitcoin or another cryptocurrency as collateral with start-up crypto-backed lenders to borrow money without having to sell it and pay capital gains taxes. These loans may include some risk. The borrower can be required to provide additional cryptocurrency or other collateral if the value of the coin drops. A margin call is what is happening, and it is pricey.

Because not all states allow them, and because of the volatility of cryptocurrencies, calculating loan-to-value (LTV) ratios for crypto-collateral loans can be challenging. While some lenders don’t require a down payment in crypto, others do. Some lenders let borrowers get loans up to 100% of the cost of a home.

What kinds of real estate assets can you purchase with cryptocurrency?

You can buy any real estate assets with your holdings until the seller accepts the payment. You can buy a condo or an apartment. It depends on your seller. However, there are many websites now that help you to buy your dream home with the use of Bitcoin.

Countries Where You Can Buy Property With Cryptocurrency

  • Switzerland

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Switzerland is recognized for its rigorous standards, high levels of secrecy, and low levels of risk in the banking and financial industries. Therefore, it makes sense that there are less stringent restrictions for bitcoin. Cantons are a unique system of geographic divisions that affect what is and isn’t allowed.

Bitcoin may be considered tax-free in Zurich since private wealth is exempt from taxes, but profits from mining are subject to conventional income tax.

  • Germany

In terms of cryptocurrency taxes, Germany has a specific policy that favors private investment and views bitcoin as private money rather than as currency or stock. According to German legislation, bitcoin sales and purchases are not subject to VAT and are not subject to capital gains tax if kept for more than a year.

  • Spain

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Spain does not have explicit legislation governing cryptocurrencies, but it does offer a one-year golden visa for transactions and business activities. When you consider that cryptocurrency transactions are VAT-free, it’s one of the most effective citizenship-by-investment programs in Europe. Spain is an excellent investment place because of its thriving real estate industry.

Why Buy Real Estate Using Cryptocurrency?

To help diversify their portfolios, many people with sizable bitcoin holdings have been considering using bitcoin to buy real estate. When used appropriately, bitcoin transactions can be completed considerably quicker than conventional sales.

Another benefit is that using bitcoin to purchase real estate is a simple process because there are typically no fees or intermediaries involved. There are a few reasons why bitcoin payments cannot deliver quick and straightforward real estate transactions, provided that both parties do their due diligence. Some sellers could ask you to exchange your bitcoin for dollars at the point of sale, although this does not affect any of its benefits.


Naturally, we’ll start to see more and larger transactions as society’s acceptance of cryptocurrencies increases. The higher purchasing power of bitcoin sees it reshaping the worldwide real estate market for all time due to the increased security, speed, and ease of its property transactions.