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Rarest Unique Items To Farm in Season 2 of Diablo 4

by Nina Smith

Season of Blood is just around the corner on the Diablo 4 timeline, and with it, players are getting new ways to target farm some of the most influential pieces of gear in the game. Get ready to farm five new Endgame bosses with specific loot pools and move toward the coveted items.

1. Harlequin Crest

This unique helm, also known as Shako since the times of Diablo 2, is one of the strongest uniques in the game that provides an additional four ranks to ALL skills, which essentially equals lots of extra levels and point skills, significantly improving your kit, not mentioning the resource regen bonus, super powerful 20% Damage Reduction and increased max life. Shako is a BiS item for all classes and a desired reward to chase after.

2. Andariel’s Visage

Source: worldstone.io

Another powerful helmet that can make players nigh unkillable with the added Life Steal in the percentage of your damage. That means, as long as you can inflict damage, you’ll be healing like crazy, all while spreading poison dot damage to all surrounding enemies, significantly improving your AoE clearing. Just like Shako, this one is available to all classes.

Getting such powerful items is difficult, so don’t expect to get them over a day of farming. In most cases, it may take a while before you see a drop, but it’s well worth the time investment. However, if time is of great value, the alternative is to invest in Diablo 4 boost to get these items much faster and, most importantly, without focusing all your time on farming instead of enjoying the game. Always have priorities; don’t burn out while trying to min-max your build.

3. Melted Heart Of Selig

While this unique amulet is not so overpowered compared to other uber-unique options, it brings appreciated resistance to all elements of damage. It greatly improves resource generation, making it a desirable choice for casters with heavy resource management. Additionally, this item provides good survivability by draining your class resource instead of HP whenever you take damage, which is a good tradeoff in dire situations.

4. Doombringer

This one-handed sword provides a tremendous general DMG boost and a critical chance and improves core skills. The unique trait has a relatively high chance of dealing additional heavy shadow damage to all enemies around you and reducing the damage they inflict on you by twenty percent, so it’s both a DPS and powerful Damage Reduction proc in one. This weapon is an excellent choice for Rogues in D4.

5. The Grandfather

Source: pcinvasion.com

A most desired weapon for Necromancers and Barbarians, this two-handed sword comes with unprecedented boosts to the raw damage output. It dramatically improves critical damage and rolls with higher secondary stats than other weapons. Getting this weapon for crit-dependent builds, such as Bone Spear, can boost the damage through the roof, so it’s no wonder players have been waiting for an option to target farm this weapon for a while now.

6. Ahavarion, Spear Of Lycander

One of the game’s newer and most potent weapons – this spear activates a random shrine effect right after killing an Elite enemy, which can significantly boost your fighting capabilities and reign chaos on the battlefield. It can be crazy powerful in endgame dungeons with lots of Elites and has an additional chance to stun, paired well with the extra DPS against controlled enemies.

7. Ring Of Starless Skies

This unique is more versatile than others, focuses on providing general DPS boosts, and works with any build, not forcing you to build around a single item. The ring offers powerful gains to Critical Damage and Core Skills damage and reduces the cost of said spells cast in sequence by up to 40%. This option will be desirable for many builds with complex resource management, such as the Sorcerer Ice Shard or Barb’s Rallying Cry.

8. Fists Of Fate

Source: gamerant.com

Gloves are available to any class, and the name is brilliantly reflected in the offered unique effects – all your power depends on your chance of luck. The gloves feature 4 Lucky Hit traits, and your attacks can randomly deal up to 300% of the normal damage. Traits give you a chance to heal, restore class resources, immobilize, or daze. This one will excel and provide the most value for Rogues built around the Lucky Hit.

9. Penitent Greaves

These unique boots combine elements of gameplay that each unique should have – they are powerful, very useful in their own right, and fun to play with! The unique effect leaves a trail of frost behind the player, which constantly Chills all the enemies following you, providing a constant means of crowd control and increased damage against affected enemies. With the additional ability to evade and gain a speed boost, these boots are great for quickly escaping the danger zone and maintaining control over the battlefield.

1‍0. Raiment of the Infinite

One of the newest uniques, this Chest piece is a compelling option for Sorcerers to use in almost all the meta builds during Season 2, especially the classic Ice Shards. Raiment unique buffs one of the most used spells in the Sorc kit – Teleportation. At the cost of increasing its cooldown merely by 20%, your Teleport gains the ability to pull nearby enemies to you and stun them for a few seconds, while secondary stats increase the damage to close and stunned enemies, as well as provide an additional rank to the Glass Cannon, further boosting this already powerful effect. Has some great synergies with the paragon glyphs, such as Control and Static Surge.

11. Tempest Roar

Source: gamingintel.com

This unique is one of the best ones on a Druid, giving players a chance to gain Spirit when using the Storm Skills that make a good portion of the rotation and utility kit. Unique Helmet also provides a raw damage boost while Shapeshifted and makes all the Storm Skills benefit from all the passive bonuses as if they are Werewolf Skills. If you get one to drop, make the Storm Build right away.

12. Temerity

Finally, this is a highly effective and versatile unique item with a great boost to survivability, which is crucial in the Endgame content if your build heals a lot, like the Blood Necromancer, for example. Overhealing grants you a strong barrier by up to 80% of the maximum HP and a good duration. This effect can also occur by using the Health Potiuons, and the pants’ secondary trait increases the chance of their drop rate.