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11 Rarest & Most Expensive CS:GO Skins in 2024

by Tracy Finke

If you like shooting games, then you must be familiar with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). Once you start fighting the other team, you want to have the best possible equipment. However, the best one usually costs the most money. For those who are really into this game, it is important to have the best equipment. Skins are mostly decorative and they usually don’t enhance the weapons’ performance, but serious players like to “decorate” their guns and knives, spending huge amounts of money. CS:GO skins have reached high prices – continue reading and see the most expensive and rarest ones in 2024. You will be surprised at their price point.

Top 11 rarest and most expensive CS:GO skins in 2024

1. Karambit Case Hardened Factory New ($100,000)

img source: steamcommunity.com

When you take a look at this price, you probably think to yourself: “Who would give this enormous amount of money for a skin in a game”? Well, serious players are giving this amount of money. It is a curved blade, used with a reverse grip, decorated with a special marbleizing medium, applying multi-metallic colors to it.

2. StatTrack Karambit Crimson Web ($50,000)

Specially designed to be used in a reverse grip, as the previous one, StatTrack Karambit Crimson Web goes with the grip on the index finger. When you take a look at it, it resembles a tiger’s claw and you may feel like you are conquering the jungle. However, think about it – are you willing to give this amount of money for a skin?!

3. StatTrack M9 Bayonet Crimson Web New ($45,000)

img source: steamcommunity.com

StatTrack M9 Bayonet Crimson Web New is seen as one of the most expensive knives in the Counter-Strike game. If you are a player of close-encounter combat, then this is the knife for you. The red tint gives him an appealing, rare sense, but we could say that price is also tricky & up there. Based on CS:GO data from igitems, the statTrack M9 Bayonet Crimson Web New is seen as one of the most expensive knives in the Counter-Strike game.

4. StatTrack AK-47 Case Hardened ($35,000)

Being one of the most popular and lethal rifles, not only in the gaming world, AK-47 is still among the most popular ones. You won’t make a mistake if you choose it while playing CS:GO. Various colors have been sprayed freehand on the rifle, giving it a more prominent look. Even though the AK-47 has more than 200 different skins, it is seen as the rarest, and it is believed that its price has given an impact to its rarity.

5. StatTrak M4A4 Howl ($26,000)

img source: twitter.com

One of the most accurate rifles, but rather less damaging is the M4A4 rifle. It is the full-assault kind of weapon. An image of a snarling wolf has been painted on custom. If you prefer firing bursts when playing, then you should choose this kind of weapon, even though it doesn’t create as much damage, rather looks cool. However, in case you decide to take this one as your weapon while playing, it is suggested to use it for defense rather than offense.

6. Souvenir Dragon Lore, Factory New ($26,000)

Yes, you read it correctly. At the moment of writing this, the highest price listed for this kind of gun is, as you can see, $26,000. It has been customized for the most intriguing players, giving them a chance for their one-shot to be even more recognized among the community. Although the prices may vary occasionally, this is one of the highest prices reached. At some times, these prices may drop, and you would probably be able to get it for a lower price. You just need to wait!

7. AK-47: Fire Serpent ($6,900)

img source: gtaall.com

The AK-47: Fire Serpent costs $6900 and players are giving this amount of money for skin to their rifle. Beautifully decorated in a serpent pattern, this skin enhances the player’s physical appearance, but doesn’t give any power to the rifle itself. It is widely popular and most players choose it since it is seen as the deadliest one among short bursts of fire. If you are ready to become a popular player among the CS:GO community, I’m sure this will open a path to the stars.

8. Karambit: Gamma Dopller ($4,000)

Another knife that is used in reverse grip with its $4,000 skin is Gamma Doppler. The emerald green color gives it an intriguing touch, even though the skin is a little bit cheaper than its StarTrack companions. In case you can’t afford the aforementioned, then you can turn around to this one, which is more affordable, even though we could say it is still expensive.

9. AK-47: Wild Lotus ($3,500)

img source: sc4rfq.com

For players who enjoy art, this is a must! Floral ornament with bright colors is what singles out this skin from the other AK-47s. As is usually the case, other players, who don’t enjoy art this much, find this repulsive because of its bright colors and floral ornaments, which doesn’t give them a chance to find “a good cover place” while playing. Maybe, they don’t like it because of the price, not because of its floral ornaments?

10. AWP Medusa ($3,300)

If you want to give a more aesthetic look to your black AWP, then this skin will probably be suitable for your weapon. Subtle drawings and flashy details, with the picture of Medusa on it, makes it appealing enough for players to give $3,300 for this particular skin.

11. Aug: Akihabara Accept ($3,000)

img source: anime.stackexchange.com

Even though it is powerful and extremely precise, and bullets fire rapidly, this is one of the guns which takes a lot of time to reload. Anime lovers might like this in particular since it is decorated with anime characters, taken from one of the magazine covers. A lot of players don’t like it because it is radiant, with a lot of bright colors, and they would rather choose camouflage ones. Where do you stand when it comes to this?

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