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What Protective Gear Do You Need for Airsoft? – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

Airsoft has become one of the most popular sports out there and many people indulge in it for an immersive combat experience that almost feels like the real deal. There are many people who wish to participate in actual combat with guns and weaponry but it is simply not feasible nor realistic to do so. For them, Airsoft was invented to release pent up excitement in a way of simulating realistic combat situations between friends and acquaintances.

There are tons of weaponry and equipment involved in Airsoft with weapon types ranging from several categories and models. There are exact replica Airsoft weapon models of real guns used in combat that perform the same as the real guns and there are also guns that are replica models of weapons used in fictional franchises. If you are interested in knowing more about these weapons, you can click here to find out.

What does protective gear do?

That being said, weaponry is only one part of the equipment you need for playing Airsoft safely without any significant harm. The other major component of Airsoft is a protective gear that protects your body and skin from harm. This is essential in Airsoft matches because even if the pellets aren’t harmful, they still hurt a lot! Without protective gear, your body can be shredded with small wounds and even cause fatal injuries at times.

That’s why it’s essential that you equip your own protective gear before every match. But what protective gear exactly does one need to wear to be safe? We answer that question in this article by listing down several pieces of equipment and gear that are designed to protect the player from harm while playing Airsoft. Read on till the end so you don’t miss out on crucial details.

1. Vest

img source: femmefataleairsoft.co.uk

One of the most targeted body parts in Airsoft is the upper body simply because it’s the largest and the most visible part of our body. That’s why it’s essential that it is covered properly with some sort of protection so that our upper torso can stand a barrage of pellets even when directly hit. Depending on the type of vest you buy, vests can either entirely negate all airsoft pellet damage or just protect the skin from getting directly hit while you get the brunt of the impact.

The prior vests are usually more expensive and the latter are cheaper. It’s also important to know that they are used for carrying extra ammunition, supplies and even small extra weapons like handguns.

2. Facewear (Goggles/Full face masks)

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Protecting the eyes is one of the most important aspects of protection in Airsoft. Eyes are extremely sensitive and a direct hit from an Airsoft gun to your eyes has the potential of blinding you permanently. That is extremely risky which is why Goggles are one of the essential equipment for Airsoft without which an Airsoft game isn’t allowed to start.

Choosing combat goggles or any form of protective goggles should do the trick and protect your eyes while you play. Alternatively, you can opt for a full mask that is made of fabric and has eye protection goggles. It not only covers your eyes but also protects other parts of your face from danger.

3. Helmets

Helmets are always a good idea to have on your head, even when you are playing Airsoft. It helps prevent damage in case you slip over somewhere. This is extremely important because it saves your head from suffering skull fractures or brain damage in the case of a particularly dangerous fall. Not only that, it can be used for equipping various other accessories like video cameras or lights to help navigate around the terrain.

There have been many instances where the head of an Airsoft player was saved from the impact of a sniper bullet just because he wore a helmet. If the color is right, they can even help a player camouflage themselves.

4. Gloves

img source: airsoft-magazine.com

In Airsoft combat, the most used body parts would be your hands. Thus, protecting them is vital because once they get hit, it means you not only lose the game but also risk damaging your hands. A pellet that directly hits your fingers can cause considerable damage and even fractures.

Getting gloves to avoid this damage is, thus, a very sound idea and one that we would definitely recommend. They also help you provide better grip on your weapon and your equipment. Not only that, they protect your fingers from getting damaged by environmental conditions like sharp objects or rough walls as well.

5. Safety Pads

Safety pads are commonly used in many sports that have the danger of damaging the player’s body parts. Airsoft is no exception to this and it only makes sense to use safety pads here. You can apply these safety pads on all your joints to minimize fall damage. It’s a good idea to always have your knees covered with safety pads to avoid bruises and wounds while crouching.

There are of course safety pads for other areas as well. One of the most important areas that need to be covered by safety pads is the crotch area as it is quite sensitive to damage. If you haven’t bought a vest already, getting a chest safety pad is a good idea as well.

6. Barrel blockers

Barrel blockers serve several functions. First of all, a team can disperse one set color of barrel blockers to its team members to ensure that they can identify each other in the game. Often, especially while camouflaging, it gets hard to identify which player belongs to which team.

Another useful function they serve is stopping accidental shots from being fired. Since the barrel is closed, there is no way a bullet would be fired from the gun. This is especially useful in times of ceasefire to let others know that you heard the signal and are peaceful. Extensive barrel blockers also clean your guns at times, lowering the amount of cleaning you would need to do.


Playing Airsoft without protective gear is extremely dangerous. You should ensure that you have all the components necessary for full body protection when playing Airsoft. We hope this article was helpful to you, and if it was, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.