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Pros and Cons of Online Recruitment

by William Gist

For most recruiters, the method of online recruitment has become a standard norm in modern times. Companies are cashing in on the benefits of online recruitment strategies and even they are relying on social media to recruit new employees for their organization. There are some social media platforms like LinkedIn fostering an exclusive platform for recruiting employees.

According to mettl.com, recruiters are also able to work on pre-screening hiring modules because of information associated with such profiles. But just like the positives, there are some loopholes along with it. Let us now get to the positives along with negatives of online recruitment.


The benefits

Cost effective- in most cases they are free to use. It serves as a cost-effective option as you can post your postings for free as it cuts down on labour cost. At the same time if you invest some money in screening software of candidates during the hiring process you could end up saving more money

Immediacy- replies or posts appear in real time. This does help to attract more candidates to your job postings and if you have found the right candidate for your job prevents candidates from applying. Further, it cuts down on the hours in terms of labor to screen applicants and notify candidates about their job status.

Effective- the concept of online recruitment is easily accessible to candidates as it paves the way to an effective form of getting your posts noticed. Job ads online can be shared on various platforms.

Easy- each one of us can end up using online recruitment software as it is easy and requires no formal training. Being easy to understand it is user-friendly. Some job posting websites work hand in hand with email provides and social media. It does help you to prioritize and categorize the region where you want your job posting to emerge.

Reaching out to a wider audience- as part of your recruitment strategy without the use of online recruitment software you can reach out to a wider audience. Nearly 46 % of the entire world uses internet connection and in developed countries of the world, it touches as high as 80 %. If your target market is young recruits then online recruitment strategy is the best option as 100 % of the age group are avid internet users. Later you can go through the list of candidates and with the help of PersonalityData.orgconduct various ability and personality tests so you can hire the actual best candidate possible.

Dynamic content- to post jobs on social profiles and even online platforms provides an opportunity to be creative with your content and appeal to the users. In implementing technology showcases a lot about your company and even the culture to attract a specific type of candidate. For a business whose main focus is to develop technology would be not that afraid to innovate and embrace new solutions or even technology

Flexibility- the major benefit of the internet provides you with an added flexibility to control posts and even applications you receive. In case if you read a newspaper it would be really difficult to amend the advertisement later and in most cases, you end up paying for a new ad. With online posts, you can edit, modify or alter your edit any time as per your choice.

Longevity- with traditional forms of advertisement they have a limited lifeline considering their publishing cycle. In case it gets classified, there is a bi-weekly publishing cycle meaning that your ad is going to be seen once in 15 days.

The online job posting is going to stay until the author of a website plans to remove it.

Accessibility- you might be in any corner of the world but if you have a stable internet connection then everything mentioned above can be done. It is possible to modify the ad and see the number of replies you have received.


The Negatives

Hard to hit the target- just like online recruiting, your job ad would not target a specific set of people. Instead, it might reach out to a large audience for which it is going to be of no use. If you share it on social media geographically to define the application can pose to be a really difficult task.

Expense- considering the online platform you use, the chances of paying up subscription fees is high. There are some sites which might require you to pay a subscription fees upfront.

Informal- as far as social media recruitment evolves; companies give out a wrong image as an informal process of recruitment. This would be really a disadvantage in case if your company is working to promote a culture for its employees and even the public in general.

Better response rate- if you end up posting your job opening in an industry journal you can be aware that the applicants would not be time wasters and they are relevant. On posting online you end up receiving hundreds of job applications and some of them may of be of new use.

Impersonal- this logic holds true in case if you trying to recruit top level talent. To post an online ad would be a catch for all method, as some people feel that they should not be competing with people who do not have the necessary skills and knowledge. In fact, this could be damaging to your ad if you offer executive level positions in professional circles

Lost hours- In case if you are using an online platform in order to promote your job opening whereas the system seems to be too complex or complicated it is necessary that you go on to manage the recruitment design and to oversee a project as part of the hiring process.


To conclude in the process to look for new hires online recruitment software is a vital cog in the wheel. Though an effective strategy would be to explore multiple avenues including trade publications, even traditional publishing and external recruiters are going to assist you in finding a person of your choice

Have you ever gone on to try e-recruitment? Did you face any obstacles? Was there any need to modify your online recruitment strategy considering the future?

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