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The Ultimate 2024 Guide For Properly Caring For Your New Goldendoodle

by Elsa Stringer

The Goldendoodle is without a doubt at the top of the popularity ranks when it comes to common breeds. You’d think it would be a pure bread, but that’s not the case at all. People love the mixture of the Golden Retriever and Standard Miniature Poodle. That’s exactly what the Goldendoodle is, and it is the perfect mixture of these two breeds that make them so sought-after.

The right breeder can create a dog with both species that is extremely smart, affectionate, outgoing fun-loving, and adventurous right down to their core. These are all qualities that make the breed a perfect family pet. Regardless if you are already a new proud owner or you are thinking about adopting the breed, there is much more to know than their temperament and how they are bred.

Meeting The Goldendoodle

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A typical Goldendoodle can range anywhere from miniature to standard size. The standard would weigh anywhere from 45 to 90 pounds, while the miniature would weigh in at 15 to 30 pounds. The medium edition of the breed, on the other hand, can weigh anywhere from 30 to 45 pounds. They usually stand in height of anywhere from 13 to 24 inches at the shoulder and can live as long as 15 years. As far as their coats and fur go, this is something that can vary depending on the mix. It really depends on how much of one specific breed they have in them.

For instance, if the dog is more Golden Retriever dominant, the dog might come out with shaggy hair. If the dog is more Poodle dominant, it might come out with curly hair. Dogs can also fall in the mid-range somewhere as well. Given the fact that the breed does contain Poodle, it’s entirely possible that they’ll come out with a hypoallergenic coat, although this is not always guaranteed.

In addition to all this, this beautiful and unique breed can vary in color. You might find blacks, whites, creams, grays, golden colors, or even reds. That being said, it is the golden colors that are amongst the most common today.

Understand The Personality

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Given the fact that the Goldendoodle is a hybrid breed, it will be highly adventurous. This is simply because they aren’t as predictable as pure breeds. This is always a good quality to bring into the family, but combine that with their friendly, outgoing, and fun-loving nature and it makes them a very desirable breed. Along with this, they are highly sociable. They love meeting, greeting, and overall interaction with other pets and people.

However, just like most breeds available, they will do better all-around when they are exposed to other people and animals at an early age. This will help bring out their social side even morel. While they already offer great family qualities, it is their affection, intelligence, and welcoming personalities that most families are attracted to. Because of this, the proper training at an early age can make them a highly obedient breed. They combine attentiveness with an observant, playful, and somewhat mischievous side to deliver owners a loyal breed that will be there through the good and bad.

Don’t let these qualities fool you because the breed is one of the hardest workings as well. There have even been plenty of instances where the breed has been used for therapy purposes. At times their agile side and properties afford them the ability to enjoy stimulating work activities. Some have even been utilized specifically to sniff out nuts for people with nut allergies.

Know Their Energy Levels

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Any expert from We Love Doodles will tell you that the breed doesn’t have high energy levels, but they do require a good amount of space where they can roam and get daily exercise and action. Daily walks and runs around the home will bring out the best in the animal. Despite these qualities, this breed isn’t really designed to be used as a watch or guard dog. Whether you decide to make your an inside or outside dog, they don’t do well with being kenneled.

How They Do Around Kids

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One of the reasons that the Goldendoodle is so family-oriented is because they are good with kids. Their loving, gentle, and patience make them great for any family. They even offer these qualities when around younger children, but just like most breeds, you’ll need to monitor their behavior. Whatever the situation and regardless of the dog’s personality, you’ll want to always make sure to your younger children know how to act when around animals. Tail or ear pulling sill be two huge no-nos. It’s also best to leave them alone when they are eating and sleeping. Other than this, the breed is pretty social and interactive.

How They Do Around Other Dogs

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When exposed to other pets and animals at am early age, the Goldendoodle can be extremely friendly and sociable. They are already typically social, but if you give them even more exposure when they are younger, they’ll offer the ultimate social experience. The breed isn’t known for showing any aggression at all. Even with one or two more breeds in the home, you shouldn’t see any signs of aggression from this breed.

Proper Grooming

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You might be surprised to learn that Goldendoodles are light shedders. However, this does not mean that their coats don’t need proper care and maintenance because this isn’t the case at all. If you want your dog looking fresh at all times, you’ll need to keep his or her coat in top condition with the proper grooming techniques. Some owners like to keep their dog’s hair short, which is a good tactic to prevent combing and other maintenance tasks. You can let the coat get longer, and it will look great.

However, it will likely require more work, as you’ll need to comb it at least once a week. Even if the hair is short, you’ll still need to comb it. You might not have to do it once a week, but you want to keep an eye on it to prevent matting and tangling. Even with the constant brushing, this breed isn’t one that requires constant bathing. And, this is because they naturally produce oils that keep their coats smooth and moisturized. Only bath when absolutely necessary.