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Proper Duct Cleaning Methods

by Dangula Bingula

Whichever the company you choose to hire for duct cleaning in Mississauga, you will get an extensive cleaning of your HVAC system to enhance the air quality in your residential home or commercial building. From hand-held cleaning vacuums to air whips, various tools and methods have been developed over the past few years to eliminate the debris.

But before you conclude your decision to hire a particular company, it is recommended that you verse yourself about different approaches used for duct cleaning. Here are some methods you should know or you can see more here.

Source Removal Duct Cleaning


Typically, this is a mechanical method of cleaning the HVAC system. The technique consists of two aspects; mechanical and extraction agitation. Because animal dander, dust, and dirt accumulate to the inside surface of the air ducts, mechanical agitation is used to make the particulate matter loose from the walls of the channel Then the extraction method is used to get rid of the debris from the air ducts. This is done according to industry standards.

Point of Contact Duct Cleaning

This is the most effective and safer method of vents and air duct cleaning in Mississauga. It employs the use of HEPA (High- Efficiency Particulate Air) spinning brush and vacuum to remove dust, debris, and dirt from the ductwork. The high velocity of the vacuum helps to eliminate debris from the channel and vents. The filters in the vacuum prevent cross-pollution.

Though this method is effective, over the years, new approaches continue to be developed to enhance the air duct cleaning process.

Truck Mounted Duct Cleaning


Probably you have seen some air duct cleaners who use a portable vacuum to clean air ducts and the HVAC system. However, some use mounted truck vacuum. The truck vacuum approach also referred to as air sweeping, is effective and performs a superb job of carefully eliminating dirt and allergens.

Most of these cleaners use a vacuum that can sweep a distance of 300-mile radius. This vacuum truck is powered by a 195hp motor that enables it to completely and thoroughly clean the air ducts and halt the spread of pollutants to the nearest living spaces.

It is important to note that you should opt for air duct cleaning methods that use steam or any form of moisture. The modern elements of ductwork depend on sensitive technology to work, and moisture can destroy these elements, especially those in the HVAC system.

Choose A Reputable Company for The Best Results

The company you choose to clean your ducts can either deliver what you need or make things worse. Professional cleaning companies like Servpro company want you and your family to breath clean indoor air, and that starts with proper duct cleaning. With so many companies in this field, you need a company that has years of experience and positive reviews and testimonials from its past clients.