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Princess Diana’s Charity Closed?

by Elsa Stringer

Prince William is continuing a great tradition that’s established by his late mother, Princess Diana. As you know, 22 years after the death of Princess Diana, Prince William continued the legacy that his mother started 30 years ago. Just to remind you, she established her work in the Centrepoint. Thanks to Prince William, this homeless charity is still working. This is a charity located in Saint Anne’s Church. More exactly, in the basement of the church.


The charity celebrated its 50th birthday a few days ago. How’s this connected to the late Princess, you ask? Well, she became a patron of sorts. When she dies, Prince William became the patron of this homeless charity. He has been supporting this charity for a really long time now. The whole point of the charity is to provide children without parents with employment, shelter, and charity.

This year, the Duke of Cambridge surprised all people who attended the charity’s anniversary. He stated that he would like to this charity to be closed down.


He said that he hopes that he wouldn’t like to see the charity open for another 50 years. The explanation that followed clarified his intention. His reason for closing the charity was his frustration that the country didn’t find the solution for getting the young people out of the streets.

Today, this charity is planning its biggest project ever. The intention is to expand the charity from London to other cities in the UK like Manchester and Liverpool. This is planned to happen in just two years. Also, it is planned to increase the number of working positions in the charity as of the whole.


The director of the charity showed the Prince charity’s newest building that has been built in South London. The Duke of Cambridge was shown the building and he met young people who live in the building.

After the conversation with the people who live in the charity’s newest building, he compared them to “crème de la crème”. Some of these young people thanked the Prince for his support and kindness. One of them, Antonio Sibson, said that he is grateful to the Prince for giving him a chance for a better future.