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Prepare These Things when Travelling Abroad

by Dangula Bingula

Travelling abroad is a dream for many. You may want to travel to a foreign country for many reasons. Whether you are travelling for business, career purposes, study purposes or just for the sake of travelling, there are a few things that you need to prepare ahead of time.

In this article we will talk about the things that you need to prepare before you travel internationally.

  • Know about passport and VISA requirements

When you have an international trip, passport is a must and many countries require VISA as well.

So before you travel abroad, make sure that your passport is updated and is valid for at least next six months.

Find out if the country requires a VISA for entry, if it does, apply for a VISA straight away.

  • Register with your country’s embassy

Registering with your country’s embassy is a must before you travel to a foreign country. It ensures that if you get in trouble, it will be easier for the government of your country to get in touch with you and bring you back safely.

  • Get a health insurance


Before you travel abroad, make sure you get a good health insurance. Also, leave your country without any health issues.

It may be quite difficult to find a doctor when you are abroad, and affording the doctor’s service can also be quite pricey depending on the place you are travelling to.

  • Know about money conversions

Before you have your trip abroad, make sure that you have an idea of where that country’s conversion rate is at.

This will help you do the math and assist you in settling the budget.

  • Make sure that your credit card is going to work in that country


Also, when you are planning to travel abroad, make sure that your credit card is going to run in the country you are visiting.

European banks these days use a chip and PIN technology. Although your credit card will still work in most places with just a signature, you still have to make sure you also have some cash just in case.

In case you find out, ahead of time, that your account has a bad Chexsystems record, then, try fixing it or go to a different bank and open a new account. Assuming you live in the U.S, try checking Crediful.com for more details about banks in the U.S that don’t depend much Chexsystems.

  • Know about the country’s entrance and exit fees

Certain countries require the visitors to pay an entrance fee when entering the country and an exit fee when leaving it.

This fee is separate from your plane tickets. Entrance and exit fees may vary from $25 to $200. The pricing varies from country to country.

Before you travel,  make sure that you research well regarding these entrance and exit fees.

  • Research thoroughly about the country

Before you have your trip, research thoroughly about the place. Your research may include safety guidelines. You can research about the safe neighborhoods for travelers so that you’ll know where to book a hotel room.

Moreover, you can research about the various events taking place during your time of visit so that you can attend the events of your choice and have a good time there.

  • Bring the right electronics


Ahead of time, make sure you know about the voltage requirements of a country.

It is really of no use bringing electronic devices with you only to find out that the country’s voltage limit doesn’t allow your device to run.

Also, carry a mobile phone that is compatible with the frequency bandwidth of the country.

Wrapping Up

Now you have it, some expert tips on getting you prepared for your trip abroad. Read these tips carefully so that you can prepare well before you travel to a new country and make the best out of it.