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How To Permanently Delete My WhatsApp Group

by Jajce d Muckic

Ever since messengers started appearing on the mobile platforms, people have been finding the best way to communicate, especially in the corporate world. It is pretty reasonable that businessmen would not want to use just any kind of a messenger in order to chat with their managers, employees and advisors, so people started inventing more polished and high-quality messaging-type apps for these purposes.


One of these apps is known as WhatsApp, and it is currently probably one of the most famous and widely used chatting mobile applications. The app is especially used in the corporate world, and the developing team behind it ensure maximum safety and encryption for all messages that are being sent through it, which assures people from the corporate world that their secrets remain inside the app.

The application known as WhatsApp is currently free on the Play Store, and you are free to download it whenever you want. It is very easy to use, and all you need in order to start adding new contacts and chatting is connecting your phone number. WhatsApp also offers a video call function, which is even more appropriate for most businessmen who want to talk to their groups of employees all at the same time, without wasting a lot of precious time by typing text messages on their phones.

One of the best features of this application is the ability to open it on your computer by using their connect-to-PC function, which by the way works flawlessly. This basically allows you to have a much easier access when you want to type faster for example, or using a better webcam that you have on your laptop.


Feel free to use it however you want, it is awesome!
Now, one of the most important features of WhatsApp is the ability to create groups, and just like we mentioned earlier, this is especially important for businessmen and team managers. Creating a group in WhatsApp is really easy and pretty straight forward, so there is no way that you can mess anything up.

The person that creates the group is the admin of it, but they can also give a permission of inviting other people to someone else. If you are the owner of a public group which involves a lot of people that you don’t know, sometimes the group might go out of control, and you’ll want to delete it. If you wish so, feel free to visit this website.


WhatsApp is really good even for those who don’t want to get involved in a business, and simply want to chat and meet other people. So, if you happen to be one of them, feel free to explore local groups and even international ones which share a common interest of yours.

Overall, WhatsApp is a really responsive and well-designed application, so if you are currently looking for an app that will give you the greatest chatting experience, we definitely recommend looking into it further. You will not be disappointed.