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6 Popular Types of Online Games

by Tracy Finke

The internet has changed a lot of things over the years, and video games are no exception! Gone are the days when there were character arcs, a fixed plot, and missions to follow. Today, it’s the advent of online games.

Thanks to the possibility of in-game interactions and an enormous galaxy of entertaining possibilities, online games are a world to explore. However, having endless options is only another name for the confusion for many of us. We end up perplexed at the one category to settle with.

This is where our guide to the popular types of online games comes to your rescue. So continue reading as we explore some of the most popular games for you to explore for a change.

1. First-person Games (FPS)

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Given how the movies portray action sequences, we’ve all secretly wished to be a part of the sequence at least once in our lives. In addition, the thrill of being a man on a mission has led many online gamers to explore the first-person shooter category.

The category is primarily designed for combat where gamers use different types of weapons, viewed from a first-person perspective (often third-person when explaining the plot in story mode). While these games were always in demand over PC and consoles, faster internet connections have witnessed an increasing demand for online FPS games.

For instance, Wolfenstein and Doom were among the first FPS (offline), while the entire shift switched to games like Call Of Duty over the years.

2. Life Simulation Games

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Let’s accept it; we’ve all wanted to be in charge sometimes! Deciding the course of action and shaping different things in perspective are all characteristics of users who’re into life simulation games. These games allow you to bring life to a certain percentage of such possibilities.

A subgenre of simulation games, the primary goal of players in this niche is to control one or more virtual characters in the storyline. Thanks to the advancement of in-game storytelling and the limitless possibilities, you can choose among several genres and simulate almost every real-world activity with these games.

For instance, we’ve all heard about ‘The Sims’ at some point! Although it was probably one of the most famous life simulation games of its time, the franchise sold over 200 million copies globally. Interestingly, today they’re available online too!

3. Cross-Platform Games

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Before we had internet speed today, gaming consoles were the only spot for endless gaming. While these hardware devices are still available and are doing better than ever (thanks to the upgraded graphics and modern animation), the only change is the seamless connectivity to the internet.

With this, players can now collaborate to play cross-platform games. These games serve as a gateway for different platforms, such as PlayStation, Xbox, or even PCs. Another reason for their popularity is the possibility of other players using additional hardware connections to play various video games. Finally, one of the most popular categories, cross-platform gaming, provides users with a high ‘in the moment’ sense of gaming experience.

For instance, you could choose any game from Mortal Kombat 11 to WWE 2K22 or even Final Fantasy XIV. Then, all you need to do is connect with friends and prove who’s the best!

4. Strategy Games

Following the footsteps of many other gaming categories in the industry, today, we have the possibility of playing online strategy games as well! As the name suggests, players involved in the game need to utilize strategy making, have proper knowledge of the game rules, and outthink their opponents to gain the upper hand in their quest.

For instance, you might have come across one of the most popular strategy games, ‘chess.’ Here, players need to bring their A-game in strategy making and outsmart their players with the right move. Some other commonly found games in this niche are Clash Of Clans, where you are responsible for strategically upgrading and growing your kingdoms.

5. Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) Games

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As the name suggests, MMO games are massive! These games are a great example of how online games are shaping the gaming industry’s future. To give you an idea, these games are generally massive, featuring numerous players (typically thousands of players on a single server).

These games provide the players with a vast open world where players have the opportunity of connecting and competing in real-time, irrelevant of the platform they’re in. In a nutshell, these games are meant to provide players worldwide with a standard playing ground to compete with. Some most prominent examples under the MMO category are PUBG and Fortnite.

6. Role Of Blockchain In Gaming

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With the jargon ‘online’ involved, you can’t possibly think of any application that isn’t switching to cryptos and Blockchain for better, more secure operations. Interestingly, the world of online games has witnessed it too!

Gone are the days when gamers would have to use their fiat currencies, credit, and debit cards and often get conned in the process. Thanks to the integration of Blockchain in several gaming applications, gamers today can easily swap their crypto earnings for gift cards from different payment processing platforms.

For instance, if you’re a gamer finding it hard to convert your digital assets into in-game tokens, you could easily buy a razer gold gift card online from Coingate and upgrade your in-game character. It’s that simple!

Final Thoughts

Listed above were some of the best online game categories to help you clear the confusion! However, while online games are an engaging, fun, and open avenue to several possibilities, we must not forget about the chances of addiction.

Besides, with the application of crypto and Blockchains making it easier to invest in online games, let’s not forget about keeping it limited. Enjoy your game!