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Considerations When Planning Exterior Home Remodeling In 2024

by William Gist

When most people think of remodeling their home, they think of redesigning rooms or changing the cabinets in their kitchen. Just as the inside of the home needs to be updated from time to time, so does the exterior of the home.

There are a variety of options available that can allow homeowners to change the look of their home’s exterior and provide additional benefits for their home. These additions can even help to increase the value of the home and its curb appeal.

From roofing to windows to siding, each upgrade to a home’s exterior can offer a plethora of benefits for the home and the household.


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The roof on a home can play a major role in the home’s appearance. A shabby roof can really diminish the curb appeal of a home. Erie Construction offers roofing options that can help increase the beauty of a home and provide the best protection for the home.

The roof also provides protection for the home from various weather events. When it rains, the roof directs the water away from the home to keep the household members safe and dry. It also provides support for the structure of the home and helps to minimize the damage from wind and other weather events.

The roof also plays a major role in the prevention of heat transfer. A properly constructed roof with the right insulation can prevent heat from escaping in the winter. It can also minimize the heat that comes through the roof in the summer.

When the roof needs to be replaced, there are options homeowners can choose from. There are different roofing materials that offer different benefits for a homeowner. Reviewing these options can help individuals find the perfect option to fit their needs.

Metal Roofing Systems

For a long-lasting roofing system, homeowners may choose a metal roofing system. Metal roofing materials are far more durable than asphalt shingles. They are created with premium-gauge steel. This allows them to be more resistant to the elements of nature.

Metal roofing systems are resistant to rust due to being created from steel. This steel also makes them more resistant to hail and wind gusts up to 120 mph. Metal roofing systems are also resistant to fire. This roofing system will provide great protection for any home.

Many homeowners are concerned with the look of a metal roofing system. However, this is no longer a problem. Metal roofing panels can come in a variety of styles that can be created to look just like the most popular home roofing options. These panels can be created to resemble dimensional asphalt shingles, wood shakes, and even barrel tile to give homeowners the beauty they want for their home.

Architectural Roofing Systems

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Another option homeowner can choose for their roofs is an architectural roofing system. In recent years, this option has become the most popular option for residential customers due to its unique look and are available in a wide array of colors and styles.

The architectural roofing shingles give homes a three-dimensional appearance to their roof. These shingles can simulate the look of natural cedar shake or even slate. Homeowners can choose from a large assortment of colors that can accentuate the look of their home and give it a stunning profile.

In addition to creating an amazing look for any home, this roofing system also provides great protection for homeowners. The materials are created from a very durable, weather-resistant fiberglass composition. This protects the home and aids in the insulation of a home.


Another major aspect of a home that is often changed in the remodeling process is the siding. Whether a home already has siding or is planning to install siding, this wonderful home feature provides homeowners with many benefits to help make their lives easier.

Siding offers a barrier of protection against wind, rain, and even sunlight. This helps to protect the walls of the home from these damaging aspects of nature. Siding also offers an extra layer of protection against heat transfer through the walls.

Another major benefit of siding is the long-lasting beauty it can provide a home. Traditional painting can fade, chip, or crack in just a few years. Siding can provide rich and beautiful colors for decades. This helps to minimize the cost of home maintenance for homeowners.

Insulated Wall Siding System

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The insulated wall siding system is a major improvement to the traditional vinyl siding. Homeowners can choose this option to provide their homes with an extra layer of protection against heat transfer. This siding can help to reduce the cost of heating and cooling throughout the entire year.

Insulated wall siding systems utilize the same vinyl siding people have come to love and combine it with energy-saving insulation in one system. This siding can withstand severe weather and will not fade in the sun. It can also come in a variety of colors and styles to match the aesthetic of any home.

The only drawback to insulated siding is the additional cost. However, the energy efficiency combined with the increase in home value can help to offset these additional costs. Contacting a professional installation company can assist any homeowner with choosing the best siding for their home.


Even if a home has been completely remodeled with the most beautiful siding and roofing materials available, if the windows are beginning to look worn or are outdated, it can throw off the aesthetic of the entire home. When planning for a home remodel, it is probably a good idea to have the windows done as well.

When replacing the windows in the home, it is important to get the right styles and features to match the aesthetic of the rest of the home. There are construction companies that offer a wide variety of windows and glass doors that can help offer the perfect accent to really boost the curb appeal.

Vinyl Windows

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One of the major areas of heat transfer in a home is around the windows. Older window frames can expand, warp, or even become damaged over time. This can allow heat to escape in the winter or enter during the hot summer months. This can greatly increase the energy costs of the home.

Vinyl windows provide homeowners with a long-lasting option to help protect their home all year long. The vinyl frames do not rot, rust, scratch, or even fade. They meet the Energy Star requirements of windows to reduce heat transfer. These windows are also available in many styles and colors. They can even be customized to meet any home’s aesthetic needs.


When planning to remodel a home, it is very important for homeowners to have the work done right the first time. This is why only professional installation teams should be used for any major work on the home.

A construction team that is fully licensed and insured can provide the assurance that they will offer only quality and professionalism while on the job. Checking reviews and websites can also assist in determining the right team for the job. Those who have thousands of satisfied customers that offer their reviews of the work can really set a homeowner’s mind at ease.

Even with all the assurances, issues can occur. Defects in materials or other problems with the work can be an issue for any homeowner. This is why the right construction team will offer warranties on all their work.

Finding a company that offers a lifetime warranty on all their products can give the homeowner the peace of mind they need to feel confident in the work. In some cases, these warranties can be transferred to the new owners if a house is sold after work is complete.


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Cost may be a major factor in having a home remodeled. This makes it important for homeowners to do some research on the work they are hoping to have done to their homes. Checking various websites to determine the average cost of the materials wanted can help get a rough idea of what the remodeling can cost.

The next step is to find a few construction companies that are qualified to handle the job. Many companies can offer estimates on the work. Reviewing these estimates can help homeowners determine if their budget can handle the costs of the remodeling projects.

There are also financing options available. Some homeowners may look into installment loans or refinancing their homes to make room for the costs of the project. There are also many companies that offer financing options.

Homeowners should also take into consideration the increase in value their home will have after the remodeling is completed. These increases can also help to increase the homeowner’s purchasing power and allow an easier time getting the right financing they need.

Home remodeling is a major undertaking for any homeowner. However, when the work is complete, the homeowners will have a beautiful home with great curb appeal. At the bare minimum, they will preserve the value of their home by providing necessary maintenance and repairs. However, more often than not, the overall value of their home will increase with the beautiful additions and energy-saving features.