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How To Pick The Best Ping Pong Paddle – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

Table tennis is one of the best indoor sports to keep you entertained and occupied for a long time. Tennis being condensed into a smaller version with slightly different rules changes the dynamic of the sport altogether. The feeling of the rush and excitement of keeping a continuous rally going on a feeling most players cannot really express.

The spins, the smashes, the points, the wins and the losses really can shape a person not just in the game alone, but in real life as well. Table tennis can be very liberating and at the same time, a lot less taxing and easier on the body in comparison to tennis.

Those that have the love of tennis but are not willing to put their body through a lot of exhaustion, table tennis is a suitable choice to do so. But one of the things people need to know is that table tennis can also be exhausting to play.

It takes a lot of physical training on the professional level so it shouldn’t be written off so easily. Apart from that table tennis can be very entertaining and fun to play. But as everything else, the tools are necessary to do the deed.

Ping pong paddles come in various designs with a core outline. When we say they are designed differently, we mean the fact that different paddles are meant for different functionalities and strengths.

Visit this website to look at the various types of paddles that can help you play better ping pong. In this article, we’ll talk about the various things to consider while picking out the best ping pong paddle. With that being said, without any further ado, let’s get in!

History Of Ping Pong

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The sport is known to have originated in the country of England in the time of the early 19th century. It was largely played by those from the higher and upper classes and was traditionally played after a nice dinner. It had a lot of names starting off with one of them being ‘Whiff-Whaff’.

Although the truth of developing this game is largely vague, evidence points out that this was created by British military officers in South east Asia and Africa. The growth of this sport was phenomenal and exponential.

What started off in the 19th century was now having various tournaments and championships all around the country, welcoming various talented players coming into the championships. Moreover, apart from just tournaments and matches, even novels and books were being written on this topic and only got better from that point on.

With the induction of the first world championship held in 1902, it led to the creation of the ITTF ( International Table Tennis Federation ) in 1927. The first official and on record championship was held in London in the same year. The year 1988 was a monumental one as it inducted the sport of table tennis into the Olympics making it one of the most sought after sports in all of history.

Recreational Ping Pong Paddles

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Recreational Ping Pong paddles are those that are only used to play for fun. These have limited effectiveness in ball control and handling in comparison to a professional paddle. All the same, it is an excellent stepping stone for anyone who wishes to first learn the sport.

This can be a wise decision to do so as professional ping pong paddles can be very expensive and it is best to buy recreational ping pong paddles for those that are on the entry level alone. Killerspin paddle is one of the best entry level recreational paddles on the market currently.

The price is not even as high as other popular brands such as Stiga and Butterfly, but people definitely choose the Killerspin for the entry level learning phase.

Types Of Ping Pong Paddles

There is a large section and plethora of categories of paddles that you can effectively choose from. It’s just the wood that doesn’t have a rubber on the other side because pen holders usually just play with one side on the backhand and on the forehand.

So by standard rules, two sides, two colors of the rackets and they have to be different. Usually they come in red and black and that is done just so sometimes people use different padding, and different sides of rubber sheets on both sides.

Sometimes there are peeps out so it’s just for the opening to see what kind of side you’re using for each shot because many of them, they actually produce different spins.The rubber should be ITTF approved which is an international table tennis federation to participate in major tournaments.

You usually can see the ITTF sign on each side and that would indicate that this is the international standard racket or rubber sheet as we call it.

How To Choose Ping Pong Paddles

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We have different selections as far as the paddles go. You’ve got the classic cheap paddle that you can buy. It’s usually wood and it has basically a pretty hard surface to it. Usually it’s got raised nipples on it but it’s a hard paddle and you’re going to get a real hard bounce off it.

Maybe you need paddle under $50?

You’re not gonna be able to control the ball very well with it. It’s fine for people looking to get that type of feeling. It’s a real crisp tie feel but for us it’s not the paddle. This is literally a practise paddle that we just suggested.

When we’re talking about actual Ping pong paddles, those looking to see some real good spin and force on their shots need to get high quality rubber with a high friction rate. This allows them to spin the ball well on every shot. Moreover, quality is the most important. Make sure to take a good hardwood handle as it will help you last with the paddle for a long time.

You don’t want to own paddles that might get destroyed or broken within a year of use. So that is one of the most important things to consider while buying a ping pong paddle.