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How to Pay Toll in Colorado – E470 Toll, ExpressToll Pay, Go-Pass Bill

by Tracy Finke

Driving through the country is a dream come true for a lot of Americans. The country is huge and there are many places to see. It is one of the reasons why many Hollywood protagonists were depicted as people who have conducted a ride throughout the country. Just remember a legendary movie called “Easy Rider” starred by Dennis Hopper.

At the same time, we can see that many people who have just retired have decided to spend a couple of years touring the United States. While this project looks like something you can conduct quite easily, if you have enough funds that are, we can see that there are some rules you need to be aware of. We are talking about a wide array of different things.

For instance, you know that every state has its regulatory system. Meaning, what is completely legal in a majority of states, may not be legal in the one you are currently visiting. But this is not all. For example, you will need to pay a certain fee, called toll, when you are going through some highways. We will take the example of the state of Colorado.

Now we would like to provide you with some information that can help you understand more about how you can do that easily.

Which Roads Require This Sort of Tax?

Many people make the mistake that they need to pay a toll for entering a wide array of different roads. When you take a look at the facts, you will see that this number is not as high as many believe it is. Instead, we can see that highways and some other significant roads, like tunnels or bridges, will require you to do so. But it needs to be said that this sort of tax doesn’t exist in some states, like Wisconsin or Idaho.

Still, these tolls are quite common in states like Florida, California, New York, and Virginia, just to name a few. Since a lot of drivers are not aware of the fact that they need to pay a certain fee for driving the road they are currently, many are surprised when they stumble across these requests. That’s why everyone needs to be fully informed about these possibilities before conducting this sort of project.

What is the Average Price in the US?

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It needs to be said that the price you will be required to pay for driving on highways in the US depends on a variety of different elements. For instance, you will need to take vehicle type, location, and pass into consideration. That means that there is no definite answer on how much this toll will cost you. However, the amount will be calculated immediately after you enter the first checkpoint on the road.

What About the State of Colorado?

We’ve mentioned that we will take the state of Colorado as an example of this article of ours. There are a couple of roads where you will be requiring to pay this, let’s say, participation. The best example we have found is the E-470 highway. The road goes around the city of Denver. It is one of the roads where the drivers will be required to pay a toll to go through smoothly.

How Can You Pay Tolls for E-470?

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There are a couple of ways you can pay a toll on the roads in the state of Colorado. For instance, you can do it through Go-Pass or ExpressToll. Still, we can see that these two are not the only options you have in this case. You can use an app called Uproad, which will help take care of all these costs quite quickly. If you are interested in checking this one out, be sure to pay a visit to uproad.com.

Some of these methods will provide you with a certain discount, based on how frequently you drive through it. It is done by a driver receiving a sticker that will be placed on the windshield. Based on the calculations made, you will have a chance to save between 20% and 25% of total costs. When it comes to paying it in cash, there is only one option on the Pikes Peak highway.

What Should You Avoid?

It needs to be said that there is always a chance of violation of some regulation in this regard. Because of this possibility, you will need to prevent these from happening. The only way to do it is to be aware of all these possibilities. For example, every toll you have paid will be registered under your license plate. Not paying one of them will trigger a five-dollar fee as a first warning for not paying it initially.

The second and third warnings will not encompass any sort of fees. However, if the driver doesn’t respond to these three warnings at all, there is a chance that all of these are combined and the person held responsible can end up paying some accumulated costs, which are not as low as the initial ones. Therefore, this is the most significant thing you need to prevent from happing, by paying them on time.

Last Thoughts

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As you can see in this article of ours, there are a couple of things you need to be aware of before traveling around the United States. Not being aware of these facts can cause a lot of headaches for you down the road. To help you understand these factors, we’ve provided you with crucial information on how you should take care of all these issues. So, having an insight is a must.

Also, we’ve mentioned that the state of Colorado has some of the best examples. Here, you can take a look at everything you need to know on how to pay a toll for driving through the E-470 highway. While we can say that this is something you will encounter on various other highways in the country, this one, like pretty much all of them, has a unique set of rules you will need to follow. Be sure to learn about them.