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OMONO Skincare Review: My Improved Skin Is Well Worth The Investment

by Edvard Berlusconi

In Asia, people are of course famous for their glowing skin, which is often achieved through healthy lifestyles, good genetics, wholesome diets, and most important of all, a nourishing set of skin routines.

As a beauty aficionado, I am deeply devoted to the appearance of my face. And I’ve discovered that it’s not all about taking care of the skin from the outside. Often times, it takes absorbing the best nutrients into our body to truly boost the quality of our complexion to a higher level.

In my search for the latest hot thing to try, I came across this revolutionary product, which is different from traditional beauty regimens, and promises to treat the skin extensively from the inside. And it is called OMONO.

Is it the Japanese Secret for Younger Skin?

OMONO claims to be able to unleash your youthful glow with just one drink of their exclusive formula a day, which consists of a plethora of top ingredients and natural extracts that really benefit your skin from the inside.

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While it almost sounds too good to be true, does this drink really make me look younger, realistically speaking? After reading the product’s various reviews, and assured by their 60 day money-back guarantee, I decided to take the chance and give it a try.

OMONO: What is it?

Enough of my soliloquy and back to the topic. OMONO is a new product developed by Japanese scientists and some of the world’s leading beauty researchers. A powdered drink boasting some of the best ingredients for your skin, such as Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, L-Cystine, Biotin, Elastin and Astaxanthin extract, OMONO promises results in as little as 2 weeks.

And because it already comes in powder sachets of daily doses, the usage part cannot get easier. All it takes is one drink a day, and I’ve managed to incorporate the supplement into my morning routine. To prepare it, you just have to mix the powder with a beverage of your choice, give it a stir, and you’re ready to roll.

The Test

To really test the effects of OMONO on my skin, I’ve taken in the drink every day at breakfast for a few weeks in a row. Luckily OMONO tasted nice, so this made starting my day a joy. And in a week’s time, I’ve already started to notice some effects on my skin. It started to feel better and I felt that it was firmer and regained some of its volume. I also noticed my face being more hydrated and smooth when my hands ran through it.

Over the weeks, my skin improved visibly as I kept up with OMONO. I was amazed to see that the combination of wrinkles have started to fade away, and the excessive pigmentation that got me increasingly desperate was slowing diming out too. My skin looked great and a few colleagues even asked why I opted for a lighter makeup look.

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Overall Opinion

I’m definitely impressed with OMONO. I’ve tested it and can honestly say that it is something I’ll gladly ask my friends and family to give a try. I’d especially recommend OMONO to people with dry and sensitive skin as it hydrates the skin perfectly and leaves it with one whole beautiful glow.

A tale of caution though. It is not a fly-by-night product, so it does take time and a certain amount of patience before you will notice plumper-looking skin. And the product does not come especially cheap. It costs around $75 for a month’s supply (but they do offer free express shipping).

But trust me, the wait, plus the investment, will never leave you disappointed.