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Mother’s Day 2024

by Elsa Stringer

Mother`s Day is an annual event which celebrates mother figures, and all the love that we are feeling towards the most important person in every person life. Many people show their appreciation for loving mothers all over the world. Depending on the country where you live, the mother`s day is celebrated on a different date.

Two countries were celebrated Mother`s Day on 8 March, two countries on 31 March this year. In May, this year, 34 countries are celebrating this holiday. On 5 May three countries marked this holiday, and most of the countries are celebrating Mother`s Day on Sunday, 12 May. On 26 May, four countries will celebrate all the appreciation towards mothers.


What Can You Do For This Holiday?

This holiday you can dedicate to all the women in your life, not only mothers, you can include stepmothers, relatives, mother-in-law, friend. You can buy cakes, flowers or some kind of gift, or you can visit your mother or arrange lunch, dinner or brunch in the restaurant. If you can not go to your mother`s home to see her you must phone her, or send a message.


You can even write a poem for your mother. You can choose from various gifts, from chocolate, jewelry, and accessories to handmade items or practical vouchers. If you like to watch a movie, you can go to the cinema and watch on a big screen your favorite actor.

For example, in China children for this day gave carnations to their mothers, and in Samoa, people sing and dance outside for their mothers.


Public Life

In many countries, this holiday is always on a different date, because it is held on the second Sunday in May. This is custom because Sunday is a non-school day for children, and they can spend the whole day with their mothers. In the United Kingdom this holiday is always held three weeks before Easter, and those days it is hard to find a free table in the cafes or restaurants.



If we look back, in the history, we will discover that mother`s day celebration can be dated back to the spring celebration to honor Rhea, the Mother of the Gods, in ancient Greek civilization. In the United Kingdom it was a day for everyone to visit the church where they were baptized, not only mothers.


In modern history, we can relate this holiday to Julia Ward and Anna Jarvis, two important women in the United States. They were the first women to celebrate this holiday, in 1870 in Boston it was Julia Ward Howe, and in 1907 Anna Jarvis organized a celebration to honor her mother in West Virginia.


She made a church service which includes 407 children and their mothers. In 1912 was founded a Mother`s Day International Association with one purpose- to promote the holiday in other countries.

At the moment most of the people think that the holiday is massively commercialized because companies make a fortune on this day selling products.


You can show your love and care towards your mother in numerous ways. Anna Jarvis wanted that official symbol of the mother`s day is carnations, like in China. This holiday has a purpose to preserve, promote and develop the spirit of motherhood, and we all should participate in it.

Happy Mother`s Day to all the women out there!!!