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6 Money-Saving Tips and Tricks for First-Time Movers – 2024 Guide

by William Gist

Moving is not a thing you do every day, not only because of the complexity of the venture itself but also because it is not cheap to carry out. There are multiple examples of people trying to economize, especially first-time movers, so they hire companies charging smaller fees for the poor service they deliver in the end. Fortunately, you do not have to opt for a less costly solution and tremble for the sake of your stuff if you learn how to implement certain money-saving tips and tricks already discovered by experienced movers.

All you need to do is read through the following lines and adopt what you find suitable for your cause. Not only will you learn how to save a certain amount of cash, but you will also learn about what to worry about the most and what segments of the moving process you do differently from what you thought was the right way.

1. Plan Before You Act

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In nine out of ten cases you know when and where you are going to move away before it should happen. Therefore, we might say that you have a draft plan. What you should do is dedicate some of your time to developing a strategy and working every single thing down to the detail in order to finish everything before the time for action comes. Therefore, start with a generalized list and slowly but in a timely matter expand the list to subgroups of different items related by category that you find adequate.

If you start in time and commit yourself to the task you will finish long before the end of the deadline. This particular approach enables you to leave some spare time and fix any potential issues before it is too late. It is when the time for action comes and you are not ready to go when you opt for quick solutions that cost money that would otherwise rest safely inside your wallet.

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2. Think What You Really Need

Packing all of your things of value is not only difficult but it can also be expensive since certain moving companies form the cost of their services depending on the weight of the moving material. Namely, consider whether you will be using everything you intend to pack or if the main purpose of certain items will be to collect dust in your new place. So, the smaller your pile of stuff is, the more buck you save up. On the other hand, you might even earn a buck if you decide to sell things you do not use anymore.

3. Packing Material

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Packing requires a strategic approach, therefore, think about the room you need to spare! You can do this by buying large cardboard boxes, as big as you can find so you can put as many objects as possible. Since moving businesses charge their boxes, what you can do is search for this valuable piece of commodity elsewhere. Namely, go to your local shop and check if they have some surplus boxes they otherwise recycle or even contact your friends and family for assistance via social networks. We all know a hoarder or two, so we might ask them for help as well.

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4. Steer Clear of the Moving Season

The easiest time of the year to move from one place to another is summer. When the weather is warm and the sun is shining you do not have to fear getting wet in the moving process and the garments you wear should be comfortable, unlike the ones you want to place in a cardboard box. While the whole process is much easier to be done when the weather is nice, the costs are everything but interesting. Namely, summer is the season when most of the moving businesses do not have to worry about demand, so they can charge their services more than they do in the offseason. Therefore, you should consider moving when the weather is not that nice. It will definitely be a bit harder, but your budget will certainly appreciate it.

5. Eat Everything

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No matter how funny it might sound, but you should even plan what you eat. Therefore, worry about emptying both your refrigerator and freezer before the time for their moving comes. It is hard if possible at all, to move your frozen goods, so what you should do is either donate or eat them. This will not only preserve you cash but also provide you with sufficient time to empty your cooling appliances if you intend on taking them to the brand-new place of residence.

6. Do Your Own Packing

If you are a first-time mover, this one could prove to be a bit challenging, but the benefits of this type of approach should not be neglected. Namely, not only will you know where you have put what, so you can easily find what you are looking for afterward, but you will also preserve funds you would otherwise pay to the moving firm. The challenging part refers to the packing skill, and the ability to use the packaging space most efficiently. To be honest, it’s like a puzzle, so if you are skilled at it, you will have no trouble fitting everything in the right place at all. Otherwise, ask for professional assistance!

Hopefully, you will make use of the aforementioned tips and tricks and save up some money on your first moving adventure! Combine all the examples from above and make them work for your cause the way you find suitable. Dedicating your time to the actual task can not only preserve you cash but also enable you to cover everything in a timely matter. So, have fun, save some cash, and may the moving be realized in the best way possible!