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Here Are the 5 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Dating Online

by Elsa Stringer

When you use dating sites or dating apps, you have an incredibly powerful tool at your disposal. When you think about it, you have the possibility to be in contact with thousands of singles. You have endless new opportunities for awesome meetings and relationships at your fingertips.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are making huge mistakes preventing them from reaching their full potential and preventing them from enjoying all the possibilities that this technology can create. Do you feel that online dating is not working for you? Are you wondering if you could do something to increase your chances of success? We compiled the 5 biggest mistakes that millions of singles are making every day. If you read this carefully and make sure you don’t make these mistakes anymore, you will see your results improve drastically! Also, don’t settle for one single dating service. There are a huge number of different websites and applications. You can choose from the numerous reviews of dating sites collected here something to suit your criteria.

Not Choosing Your Profile’s Pictures Carefully Enough

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Since your profile picture is the first thing that other singles will look at, it is very important to choose a beautiful, awesome, and stunning picture! Don’t pick a random picture of yourself. Take a picture that people will notice: a picture that is eye-catching and on which you look very attractive! You have to understand that most people don’t take the time to look into each profile deeply: most singles make their decision in less than one second just by looking at your profile picture! So if you don’t have a great profile picture, there is no need to write an awesome description, other members won’t read it anyway! Another thing that you should do is to make sure that each of your pictures reflects your personality and show your most interesting sides. For instance, if you are into music, put a picture of you playing an instrument. If you love to travel, also put pictures of you in incredible places. And if you love doing sports, you can add a picture on which you are practicing a sport. Finally, it is always great to add a picture with friends to show that you are good at socializing!

Chatting for Too Long with Your Matches

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A lot of people think that you have to chat for a long time with a girl in order to go on a date with her. They think that if they ask the girl out too soon, they will get rejected. Consequently, they spend endless hours sending messages to a girl before they invite them on a date. This belief that you should know a person really well before you propose to go out for a drink is actually completely untrue! People registered to the dating site for a simple reason: they want to date! And if they chat with you, it means that they are attracted to you. So why should you wait an eternity? You can invite them on a date very quickly: just after a few messages if you want! You will see that most of them will agree. And if they seem surprised and confused, just tell them that you don’t like to meet people by message and that you would prefer to get to know each other face to face! Very few people will actually argue with your logic because you can’t really get to know someone bu message: you need to hear the voice, see the body language of someone to really get to know this person.

Being Obsessed with One Girl

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The reason why online dating is so interesting is that you get the opportunity to meet thousands of people. So why waste this opportunity and being obsessed with one girl? If you want to maximize your chances of success, you have to chat with several girls at the same time and plan dates with different singles! Even if you feel especially attracted to one particular member, don’t fall into obsession. If a girl is answering with very short messages and if she is not investing herself at all in the conversation, don’t waste your time with this person! If someone is really interested and up for a date, you will feel it quickly and you won’t have any struggles when it comes to conversing with the person. You have to understand the following thing: just because a girl liked your profile and answered a few messages, it does not mean that she is automatically really interested. She might just have answered you by curiosity or to get away from boredom. So don’t waste your time with girls who don’t show interest!

Banal and Boring Phrases to Start Conversations

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If you want to have a huge advantage over your competitors, you should take your time when you think about your opening lines! Too many guys make this huge mistake: they start their conversation with a very boring and generic message. Of course, most girls don’t even bother answering when they see these kinds of messages. Indeed, why take the risk of having a boring conversation when you are in contact with so many different people? Consequently, you should never send a message like “Hello, how are you doing?”. You should always try to find something funny, interesting, or original to say. Also, it is always great to have a personalized message (women don’t want a message that could be copied and pasted to anyone). To find your inspiration, you just have to look at the member’s profile. Can I make a funny observation on one of her pictures? Is there something interesting in her profile’s description that I could talk about? On sites such as lovedignity.com, you can find more interesting articles that can help you in any way.

Make Grammatical Errors

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It may not seem that big of a deal to make grammatical errors but this point is actually important! Indeed, if you make too many errors, girls will assume that you are stupid or uneducated.