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5 Useful Marketing Tools to Help You Grow Your HVAC Business

by Cristina Alexander

Everything today revolves around advertising, and the logic behind this is simple – the more people are aware of some businesses, the more overall profits that businesses can expect. It is the only way to expand and grow as a company, and also something we will further focus on as we will go through the most useful marketing tools to help you grow your HVAC business.

1. Vehicle wraps

Source: coloradosigns.com

Every HVAC business has a fleet of vehicles so that they can operate and cover more area, and this is something every company uses as an advertising tool. Namely, car and van wraps are common things, but what makes them great is that everyone will see and notice your business while, on the other hand, this is not a costly investment. Besides that, the process is pretty fast, and within a day, you will get vehicles ready for advertising all over the country. HVAC van wraps can help a lot to spread the message about your business, but yet another great thing is that there are plenty of designs to choose from, and more info on that you can find here.

2. The advantage of social media

Source: entrepreneur.com

Thanks to the improvement of modern technology, the internet, and the fact we can use different social networks even on the go because our mobile phones are enough for that, almost every person in the world has at least one account on some social network. Because of that, social media is a great tool for advertising and for making every company visible to a huge number of potential clients, and HVAC businesses are not an exception. It is easy to advertise a company on any social network, and most of them offer us free advertising and sponsored ads.

Free advertising is perfect for new businesses, but it can require a lot of time to attract new followers and present them with your services. On the other side, we have sponsored ads, which are pretty easy to use, and we do not need to worry about the number of followers, as all we need is to choose the post we want to show to the people, target the audience and pay a certain fee, and it will be shown even to the people who do not follow our account. There are different options to choose from, and the best thing is that we do not need a marketing specialist, as we can do everything on our own.

Another thing that you should at least consider is hiring influencers, as they already have millions of followers, and just mentioning your business can help you grow and expand. Of course, a thing to keep in mind is that you want to find the best one that will properly advertise your business, but luckily there are plenty of them, so finding the right one shouldn’t be that big of an issue.

3. Email marketing is still popular

Source: forbes.com

Although many people think that email marketing is a thing of the past and does not have any impact in the modern world, plus emails usually end up in the trash folder, the truth is different. Email marketing implies sending a lot of emails to different addresses, and although some of them will surely end up unread and in the trash folder, some will reach potential customers. Because of that, it is crucial to target the audience carefully, send emails to people who need to see them, and also write them in that way to provide all the necessary information and attract people to check your services.

Yet another thing is to design and create a great email that will draw the attention of the potential customer but also create an email that will not be looked upon as spam or an ad so that it will be highlighted in the inbox section. Understandably, for someone not that into this world, doing so can be an issue, but consulting marketing experts in this field can be of much help here. Overall, the goal is to inform people and draw them to read the entire email, and one of the best ways to do so is by offering real coupons or a 5% discount on certain services.

4. Communicate with customers

Source: entrepreneur.com

Everyone loves to feel important and special, and if you manage to do so, you will have regular customers and great recommendations. It is easier than it seems, as everything you should do is communicate with people, read their feedback and try to fix any possible problem as soon as possible. Mistakes happen, and no one will look at them like something terrible, as more important is how you will make things up and solve problems. Besides that, it is possible to learn a lot about customers’ reviews, as they can give us a lot of advice on improving our business and becoming even more competitive in the market. Saying that you care is one thing, but actually dealing with and fixing any mistakes and problems is what the customers want, so make sure you don’t make promises and deadlines you cannot meet.

5. Make enough promotional items

Source: swagdrop.com

Promo material has always been a great marketing trick to draw more people to some new product or service, and this hasn’t changed even today. Small gifts are a big sign of attention, and giving your customers promotional items such as lighters, pencils, calendars, and more will make them feel important, and they will be happy to become regular buyers. On the other side,  if they use the pencil or the lighter with your HVAC business logo, people around them will be able to see it, and it can attract even more possible customers. It is an investment that can be a huge boost to your business. Above all, the signs and the message on a pencil, for example, also have a subconscious effect, and the more people see it, the more open to the possibility of going with some product or service, or in this case, your HVAC business.