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Email Marketing In 2024- The Trends And What To Expect

by Edvard Berlusconi

It may sound surprising that we’re still talking about email marketing in 2024, but it seems that no one is quite ready to give up their email account. We all love our inboxes with all of the promotions and subscriptions too much. As marketing trends are changing, the rules of email marketing are evolving as well. Even though we’ve been using email for quite some time now and not much has changed in the way we use them, a lot has happened in the marketing world. So, what are currently the best tactics and techniques?


  • Interactivity

People love to engage with the content. That’s why interactivity has been a major trend for a couple of years now and it seems it will stay that way for a while. This includes letting your subscribers interact with the content you send them in one way or another. It can come as a form, review, or maybe a customer feedback.


The last one is the most popular way of using interactivity in your emails. The ideal scenario would be to allow your subscribers to rate you, the product, or the service, directly via email instead of sending them on the landing page of your website. Also, there are numerous tools, such as https://thechecker.co, out there to help us run a successful campaign, which also shows just how relevant email marketing still is.

  • Visual advancements

Visually appealing and stimulating emails can do so much for the marketing campaign. Now we have more tools and more ways to design stunning creations and we’re about to take it to the email marketing. Custom illustrations, photorealistic images, monochrome and minimalistic, it’s all here to make it much easier for companies to successfully interact with their users. We are naturally drawn towards images and by including them in emails, businesses can more easily keep the attention of the users.


  • Personalization

This isn’t a new trend, but it’s getting easier and easier for companies to personalize their emails and reach their customers. They don’t exactly have a good excuse not to do it considering all of the data captured from browsing, purchase histories, and email preferences. The truth is that companies know a lot about us and they will use it to better promote their services and send you more personalized content. That means we’ll be getting content that is more suitable for our taste and interests which will motivate us to further engage with the brand. During this year, marketers will be testing AI platforms in order to make them better at identifying the content that will bring better results more rapidly. Marketers can use email finder like Wiza to locate the email addresses of their target audience, then personalize the message.


  • Data privacy

I somehow feel this shouldn’t be called a trend, but just something that is supposed to happen always, everywhere. The fact that privacy is a “trend,” could be a bit worrying. But, whatever the case, it is important. Last year we were introduced to GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation which completely changed how marketers approached the data collection process. Now, it’s all about transparency and consent. Again, the fact that it took us to get to 2018 to get that, is discouraging. Customers are now required to confirm their consent by ticking a box for example. A similar law was passed in California and it’s clear that customers are now becoming more aware of their rights.