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6 Easy Ways to Make Your Hair Look Longer

by William Gist

Waiting for your hair to become longer can be extremely time-consuming, and in some cases, it can take several months before it reaches the length you want. Although you might try using a wide range of products that can boost growth, there are other things that you can try as well, ones that will make it look richer, although, in reality, it is not.

If you are thinking about trying some of these methods, this article will be quite helpful for you. The text below will feature a list of the different ways that you can make your hair look longer, especially if you need to do it quickly. Let’s take a closer look at the methods you can opt for:

You Can Try Straightening it


Most people do not have entirely straight locks, and unless your strands are entirely straight, you can extend it by utilizing a curling iron. When you heat the device, you should pull your locks in order to straighten them during the entire process. This is why straightening it should be your first try at making it look longer.

Besides you accomplishing what you wanted, your strands will also look like they are shinier. And, the overall process will provide you with a hip and fashionable look. Additionally, straight hair goes with most outfits, which means that you can combine your cut with almost any clothes that you put on.

Placing it in a Bun Can Help


Now, you might be wondering – how does placing it in a bun make it look longer? Well, it does sound entirely weird and confusing, but, by doing so, you can add volume and thickness, which means that although it will be placed in a bun, it will look longer. The best one you can opt for is a doughnut bun.

This means that even though you might have shoulder-length hair, you’ll be able to make it look extremely long with this bun type. It works perfectly for formal and black tie events, especially since it is elegant. It will certainly look luxurious with a long, black dress or a more formal outfit that you wear to work.

Clip-Ins Might Be Your Go-to Solution


If you are looking for an extremely fast solution to your length and volume problems, you can choose to utilize clip-ins. They are basically extensions, however, they can be clipped on to your strands, and they can also stay in place for quite some time. Once you do not need them anymore, you can simply take it off.

As suggested by nadula.com, hair bundles and clip-ins are available in different sizes and colors so you’ll find exactly the ones that can match your strand color. If you dye your hair, keep in mind that you can also choose to dye the extension you buy in order to match them perfectly with the color of your locks.

You’ll Want to Cut The Endings Regularly


Yes, it does sound completely contradictory, however, cutting your strand endings from time to time might be a good idea. As you know, they can get completely dry, which can lead to various problems including your strands getting entangled. However, this can also prevent it from growing.

Hence, you should head to your stylist and ask them how frequently do they think you need to cut the endings of your locks. Besides preventing it from entangling, you’ll also help it grow. This means that you’ll allow it to grow naturally, but, you’ll also keep it completely healthy and strong.

Different Products Can Help it Grow


There are a lot of products that you can use, including shine serum, as well as products that boost growth. Shine serum will provide you with shiny locks, however, it will look longer with the serum on if your straighten or blow dry it first. It is also perfect for hindering fizziness, which is something both women and men hate.

Vitamins and minerals are also perfect for improving the length of your strands. However, it will also allow it to stay healthy by nourishing and providing it with the necessary minerals that it needs to grow. Additionally, besides helping you with your strands, these vitamins can also help with your scalp, which means that you might finally stop it from being itchy.

Wash it Often, But Not Too Often


No one likes when their hair is dirty, but, washing it every day or every other day is first unnecessary, and second, it can only cause your hair to become weak and break. It can also stop it from growing, which is the exact opposite of what you want it to do and look like.

This is, perhaps, one of the reasons why you might want to avoid washing it too often. Instead, you should only wash it when it gets dirty, when you feel uncomfortable after a workout, or when you need to prepare yourself for a special event. Washing it too often will take the natural oil your locks produce, which can lead to your scalp becoming itchy, or worse, you might notice dandruff appearing.

Bonus Tip – Heat is The Enemy


Although we did mention using a curling or straightening iron to make your strand look longer, you should keep in mind that overly applying heat to your hair – either by blow-drying or straightening it – can actually hinder it from growing. Also, it will make your strands and scalp dry, which is something you want to avoid at all costs.


As you can see, there is actually a wide range of things that you can try in order to make your hair appear longer. Of course, you do not need to do all of the things mentioned above, you can simply choose the method that suits your needs, time, and budget, and you’ll be good to go.

So, now that you know what you can and should opt for doing, you might not want to lose any more of your time. Instead, you should go back to the beginning of the article, determine which strategy and method might work best for you, and start styling your hair in order to make it look longer, shinier, and more fashionable.