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6 Tips for Maintaining Your Underground Mining Machinery in Top Shape

by Tracy Finke

Every job requires the fulfillment of certain conditions, so that it can be done successfully. Depending on the type of work and needs vary. Office work requires correct and maintained computers, work related to the manufacture of objects of all kinds, includes tools and machines that must be correct and serviced.

A special and very demanding type of human activity are works with heavy construction and mining machines. In essence, both fall into the same category, with certain specifics and some differences. They are used on construction sites, but also on underground works.

Subway tunnel network, tunnels through the mountains, huge foundations for solitaires, as well as ore mining… all this is done with construction machines of various shapes and purposes, with specialized accessories. These are machines of large size, huge dimensions and exceptional weight. Complete projects depend on their correctness and maintenance, and they must be in excellent condition.

There is no substitute or improvisation for them. The benefits of them are exceptional, and the failures on them are extensive and expensive. Therefore, regular and proper maintenance is mandatory and there should be no reason why service or repair should be omitted.

The following instructions are useful to know and follow when maintaining mining and other heavy machinery:

1. Make a plan

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This step implies systematization and insight into the condition of all existing machines working on the project. As you can see at www.fuchenglhd.com there are so many different types which influence maintenance. Their type, number, age and current condition are items that we must have a detailed and realistic insight into.

In accordance with that, plans are made on priority, scope of servicing, purchase of spare parts, and a budget is projected that should cover all that.

If regular maintenance has become a practice and all machinery is inspected and serviced weekly or monthly, then no major breakdowns, interventions, or large investments are expected. Of course, the biggest machines have priority, but we should not neglect the auxiliary ones, which are smaller.

Each of them has its place in the process of work and should be treated properly. In this way, stagnation and slowing down are eliminated, the agreed deadlines are not broken and the whole situation is relaxed and satisfactory.

2. Preventive measures

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It is known that prevention is always good and recommended, both in human lives and in things that serve our purpose. Every car owner knows that if he keeps his vehicle and handles it properly, it will last longer, serve him better and be correct if he wants to sell it.

This also applies to mining machinery and all types of construction machinery. They should not be fooled by their robust appearance, which is associated with indestructibility and unlimited durability. Like everything, they are bothered by extreme conditions, lack of care and constant use, without a break.

High heat, freezing and low temperatures, high humidity, unfavorable, muddy terrain – all these are factors that significantly contribute to shortening the service life of machines. For this reason, whenever possible, machines should be washed, lubricated, parked in the garage and protected in all possible ways.

3. Problems related to fluids

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This is an extremely important item, because everything related to fluids is indispensable for the proper operation of mining machinery. This includes all types of lubrication of various parts, adequate industrial greases and oils. Then, many machines have hydraulic parts, where a certain level of oil is necessary in them, for basic functionality.

Lack of oil, or low levels, could result in severe damage, even loss of vital parts. The oil allows the necessary friction of the parts and prevents overheating. Also, too much lubrication is not recommended or necessary, because it can slip and reduce the efficiency of the machine.

4. Cleaning machines

Since these types of machines work in a dirty environment, where dust, water, mud, ore residues … are constantly present and sticky and penetrate into almost every part of the machine, regular cleaning is necessary.

This process must be approached carefully and as much dirt as possible removed. Deposits and petrified debris can cause serious damage and malfunctions, which sometimes cannot be repaired. All types of dirty parts, filters, seals, cabins where the control mechanism is, should pay attention to each part.

One of the best ways to protect your car is to park in the garage, after cleaning and daily hours spent at work. This prevents exposure to rain, snow, frost, and thus the chances of rust and decay are less and this process is slowed down.

5. Control of the work process

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Control, during the work process, is extremely important. In this way, an irregularity can be detected in a timely manner and a situation can be identified that could lead to a potential malfunction. We absolutely have to keep in mind the tear and wear factor, everything ages and breaks down, but the older and more used the machine is, the more present and stricter the monitoring should be.

All types of vibrations, suspicious sounds, overheating, and hitherto unusual phenomena must be observed and the machine stopped and inspected. Failure to do so may result in serious malfunction, high costs and endangerment of people working on the machine and nearby.

6. Trained team

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Of great importance is the educated and experienced team of people who work on these machines and participate in their servicing. This is not a job for beginners and amateurs, but for people with a long career and great experience. The fact that they can be fully relied on and that they are up to all kinds of challenges, in many ways guarantees the proper operation and service of these large and expensive machines.

Also, the people who manage them must be well trained and respect all the requirements of this complicated management. Their concentration and motor skills must be at the highest level, and the number of working hours must not be exceeded, nor must fatigue be a risk factor, which can lead to accidents and problems of all kinds.


It is obvious that everything that has to do with mining machinery, as well as with all types of construction machinery, requires expertise and maximum seriousness in approaching all aspects. Managing such impressive achievements of mechanical engineering, then maintenance and servicing, implies great responsibility, which accompanies expertise and experience.

Even the slightest omission can result in a large-scale disaster, including human casualties. That is why the work on these jobs is well paid, because not everyone can do it. The whole team must work harmoniously, as a team, always connected by communication, where nothing should be left to chance or neglected. Only in this way will the business progress, go without major problems, to the general satisfaction.