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What Are The 3 Main Causes Of Atypical Anorexia Nervosa

by Nina Smith

While obesity is a serious issue in modern society, there is also an opposite to that, which can be an even bigger problem, and that is the condition called Anorexia nervosa. It is estimated that around 1% of women struggle with this condition only in the United States. When it comes to the most common form of this eating disorder, it is not complicated for people to notice it. However, the main issue is related to the atypical form of it since it is often mistreated as some other health issue. According to oliverpyattcenters.com, the main problem with it is related to the first symptoms, which are completely different from standard anorexia since people won’t lose their weight so fast. Still, the side-effects remain the same, and it can be fatal for both the physical and mental health of the patient.

Most people already know about anorexia and the problems that it is causing. In case that you notice that some of your friends are suddenly losing a lot of weight at an unnatural speed, that might be a sign of it. While it is good for people to have a proper diet, the main issue here is that people with anorexia avoid any source of food, which means that they can suffer from a lack of essential nutrients, minerals, proteins, and other ingredients that are necessary for a proper function of the body. The main causes are often related to the mental state of the patient. We are going to analyze more about this topic in the following article.

Issues with Treatment and Diagnosis

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As we already mentioned, the biggest problem with it is related to the fact that there are many differences when we compare it with a well-known form of anorexia. People with the atypical form of it can even be overweight at one moment when they start developing this disease. Therefore, it is complicated to notice it at first sight. Because of that, it can last for a much longer time and create even more serious health problems caused by a lack of nutrients. What makes it more dangerous than standard form is the fact that some people can have it for years while keeping their weight around normal values.

Even more serious complications can be caused because doctors and therapists often can’t notice this condition as well, at least at the first sight. There are cases where people claim how there is something wrong with their health, but doctors and other people might try to convince them that there is nothing wrong with them since they aren’t losing weight. Some people can also tell that it is good for them since they are on a diet. Most of us relate anorexia with the lack of kilograms. However, not treating this form on time can leave people with serious side-effects.

Proper Treatment

The best way to deal with it is to learn more about the first symptoms and how to notice them on time. Most methods are completely the same as with standard anorexia nervosa, and the most common methods of treatment are in a private center and day treatment. For more serious cases, it is essential to keep them supervised in a hospital or some private center where they can talk with experts, take advice from therapists, and have a proper diet plan provided by a nutritionist. In most cases, it is required to stay in such center for at least one month.

On the other side, people who are in the beginning stages or they have finished with the treatment in a hospital can continue with the day treatment method. The form is the same and there are also sessions with therapists and nutritionists. However, patients have the flexibility to continue with their normal life, while they could still visit experts for analyses and further treatment. There is also group therapy, which is very efficient since patients can motivate each other and see the improvements of others.

What Is Causing This Condition?

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While the symptoms can be different at the first sight, the causes are usually the same as with the common form of anorexia. Here are the main causes.

1. Social

One of the main causes is related to the fact that media and pop culture are promoting fit appearance, skinny models, and perfectionism. That is the main reason why women in their teenage years are the most common patients. They are trying to fit into modern standards by including harsh diets. Also, there is the influence of society where people get low confidence, difficulties with communication, and more.

2. Anxiety

Anxiety and depression represent serious problems of modern society. According to various studies, there is a connection between atypical anorexia and anxiety where people can develop eating disorders. It can be linked to genetic as well, just like anxiety. There are scientific proves that there is over a 50% chance to inherit the genes that might cause an eating disorder, depression, and other mental issues.

3. Trauma

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Another cause is related to potential traumas that people came through. For instance, victims of sexual abuse or violence are more likely to develop various forms of eating disorders. The best way to prevent any side-effects of being mistreated in the past is to speak to a therapist. Dealing with emotions can be difficult, and people can unconsciously develop various compulsive behaviors and disorders.

The Bottom Line

People should know about the importance of having a proper diet plan that included essential nutrients. Even if you are not losing weight while having a harsh diet, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have an eating disorder. Also, it is important to learn about the misunderstandings related to it where people might create even bigger issues. Therefore, if you suddenly don’t feel the urge to eat for days, that might be an indication that you are developing this condition. Since it is mostly related to the mental state of the patient, the best way for helping people is to suggest them to visit some professional