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Best 4 Luxury Hotels in Portland, Oregon

by Ingeborg

Portland is Oregon’s biggest city and the one that attracts the most tourists during the year. It has a perfect geographical position in the north-western part of the United States, right below Mt. Hood. It sits on the two rivers – Columbia and Willamette. It is a vibrant place that has all advantages and none of the flaws of the big city. This fact is what makes it perfect for an extended stay and exploration or a quick business visit.


Regardless of the motives of your visit, you’ll need a place to stay. When you’re in Portland, you should indulge yourself, and what’s the best way than picking a high-end hotel. If you don’t know which one, worry not, we listed the best 4 luxury hotels in Portland, Oregon, for you.

The list is short, but it singles out the best what the City of Roses has to offer. Let’s waste no more time and book you a room in one of the best hotels in Rip City.

1. Hi-Lo Hotel


This hotel is a mixture of old design powered by wood elements and more modern ones based on solid concrete. This unique blend is visible in every room of the Hi-Lo hotel. This establishment followed the latest boom in technology, and all rooms are equipped with the latest innovations in terms of TV’s, and other electronic devices needed in every room.

Just like many other things in Portland, this hotel loves to add some homegrown products in its quarters. In this one, you’ll find pillows manufactured by Pendleton Woolen Mills, and bathroom products by Maak Lab, both of which are located in Portland’s vicinity.

The location of this hotel is almost ideal, as it’s not far away from Pioneer Square and Waterfront, which are to most prominent landmarks in the vicinity o this hotel. This makes it an ideal place to start your Portland tour, and reach all major milestones in no time. Another positive thing that makes this hotel perfect for Portland’s stay is its own Oaxacan Restaurant, which is famous for its unique cuisine.

2. Dossier Hotel


This elegant building is located in downtown Portland. It’s one of the few new hotels in this city, and as such, it does a great job of attracting and keeping new guests. Dossier hotel has already become famed for its desire to indulge their guests every desire. They’re known for offering the option to unpack your luggage for you. You haven’t heard of this one before, right? Other salacious details this place offers include Shinola bicycles for guests, unique paintings art by Slim Aarons, bathroom products from Lather, while pillows and mattresses are manufactured by Beautyrest.

The great bar in the hotel and mini-bars in the rooms come filled with drinks made entirely in its home city. Every room is filled with drinks, snacks, beers, and wines from Portland. If you want to wine and dine outside your room, as a part of the hotel, you have an Italian Restaurant named Omerta and a cocktail bar under the name Opal.

3. The Nines


If you want to have a sophisticated but vivacious stay in Portland, the Nines might just be the place for you. This place has one unique thing that sets it apart from the bunch – the lobby is located on the eighth floor. This means that once you want to exit the hotel, you won’t be straight out on the street and into the crowd, which is a great advantage. The hotel’s atrium is bathed in sunbeams, which throw their light on the various art installations present in the hotel.

If you are halfway from going to your room or leaving The Nines, you should visit their Restaurant named Urban Farmer. The nearby locations you’ll want to visit, include West End, which is a trendy neighborhood, and Pear District, which is a shopping mecca in this city. If you’re up to neither, then the hotel’s library is where you want to be. Also, while you are staying, don’t forget to climb to the top of The Nines, where you’ll encounter the rooftop, which offers one of the best views of the city. If you don’t believe us on this one, you’ll undoubtedly trust Global Grasshoppers, who have The Nines on their list of top ten cool and unusual hotels in Portland.

4. AC Hotel


If you opt for staying in this hotel, then you’re going to, without a doubt, be feeling as if you were staying in Europe. AC Hotel is now the property of Marriott, and most of the guests who visit claim they for a moment forgot they’re not in America but instead in Europe. It’s located in Southwest Portland, and it’s a favorite place for younger business people.


If you’re a fan of coffee, you’ll be glad to hear AC Hotel has a coffee shop equipped with Alpha Dominche Steampunk espresso maker. If you are not a fan of morning coffees, but love evening cocktails, you’ll love the hotel’s cocktail bar. Each room is equipped with a Smart TV, and also offers free access to Hulu and Netflix.

The coffee shop located within the hotel also provides coffee made from home-roasted beans, which are processed with French-built 1974 Samiac roaster. The place is called Water Avenue Coffee, and you definitely should pay a visit.



Portland is a city that offers plenty to see and enjoy, but you first need to pick the place where you’ll stay. It won’t be an easy choice, but the four hotels we listed for you should narrow the search. Each of them offers a unique experience, and your stay should be enjoyable to the limits.

As you can see, they are all unique in their way, and whichever you choose, there won’t be a mistake. All that is left is to pick your poison. What you love more, a perfect coffee in the morning, a cocktail in the evening, excellent dinner with local specialties and beverages made in Portland, or quick access to city landmarks? It’s up to you, and these hotels have it all.