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Lilly Singh And Her Two Residences in Los Angeles

by Nebojša Vujinović

If you want an instant path to success, social media platforms are the route you need to take. Yes, it sounds super easy, and for some people it is; for most of us, it’s not. But, if you are Lilly Singh, it comes naturally, when you see the amount of success, fame, and money she made. If you look at the YouTube platform only, Singh did wonders with millions of subscribers, billions of views, which translates well to her bank account. At the moment of writing of this article she is one of the top earners on YT. Not an easy feat to achieve, but here we are.

Now, don’t think she only managed to breakthrough because it is easy and YT became so popular in recent years. No, she’s an truly amazing person, with lots of charisma, and she was destined to work in the media. At the moment she already has one late night show, and is in advanced talks to host another. For her, YouTube was only a jumping board of which she too advantage and went ton for better and bigger things. Right now in her curriculum vitae stands that she’s not only a YT personality but also a producer, a comedian, actress and author. All titles are more than well deserved.

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Like many of her peers with enough success and money that will inevitably follow, she decided to invest some of it in real estate. The success for media persons lies in LA as it was the case before and it will be in the future. In this article we will not follow through her success in her work but her dealings on the real estate field. Let us take a look at the properties she owns.

How About Lilly’s Place of Live

Singh is one of those people who know how to make smart moves. She proved it when she rose through the ranks on YouTube, and she continued in the same manner on the real estate market. For years she was just like rest of us mortals, and she rented a property. But, in 2016 when she amassed enough of assets she decided to splash the cash on a property in Los Angeles. As her career went upwards, so did her moves in this department. So, what kind of houses does the famed you-tuber Lilly Singh owns.

Her (At The Moment Home) in Los Angeles

Like we said, the year of 2016 was her breakthrough year in real estate world, and she decided to invest in a 6,361 square feet mansion in the San Fernando Valley. She obviously doesn’t have a snake in the pocket as she pocketed out staggering $4,135 million for her new home. It is one of those dream houses standing there on top of the hill. When you see it you’ll immediately recognize the goal of the house that with its location allows the views to both the mountains and the city itself. This home in the Studio City is an amazing one as it comes with lots of privacy, like many suburban homes do. Singh can enjoy her stay there even if she has guests as the place comes with five bedrooms and six and a half bathrooms. The places is a state of the art facility as it stretches across three floors of living space.

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The main floor is where all the fun happens as it is equipped with chef’s kitchen, a breakfast bar centered in the middle, and a private dining room. On the floor above you’ll find the main suite, which comes with sensational fireplace. For her personal quarters, Singh has a master bedroom, a glass closed shower with a tub, boudoir, and a closet. In the levels below you’ll find a recreational area, that consists of a game room, a pool table, and a bar. In the lowest pits of this home, you have a cellar which is excellent for wine storage. When we look at this place all-around we can say that Lilly had her friends in mind when she purchased it.

Source: dirt.com

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The Other LA House

Before the home she acquired above, she made another LA purchase. We are talking about a townhouse worth almost $1.5 million, located in Hancock Park, Los Angeles. The transaction was done in October of 2016. While this doesn’t sound like a premium neighborhood of Los Angeles, trust is, it’s not far from it. After all, Hollywood is nearby. It is a mansion that spreads on 2.256 square feet, and it has three floors. Unfortunately, this house is no longer in her ownership. After getting her hands on the home from above, she decided to put this one up for sale. She managed to sell it quickly, and the transaction was done in January of 2024. It would seem that she was eager to get the property of her hands, as she reported a $20,000 loss.

Source: velvetropes.com

Source: velvetropes.com

A Word of Two About Lilly Singh

The now famed you-tuber comes from Canada, Ontario. Before her life path took her to United States she enrolled at the York University, where she completed studies in Psychology back in 2010. Her next step in career was the opening of the now famed YouTube account called “IISuperwomanII”. She focused on the stories that kept happening to her on daily levels. Singh was super creative and with lot of work she gained popularity and her channel saw massive growth through years. After gaining huge following she started touring the world promoting her various work. By that tie she was already a recognized media persona having accolades such as Teen Choice Awards, People’s Choice Awards and Streamy Awards.

All of this created a hype around her name and views and clicks started growing which in today’s world translates well into money. In the next five years since starting a YouTube career she amassed quite a fortune. Even Forbes listed her as one of the you-tubers that earn most money out of this platform. As it’s usually the case she received many endorsements from respectable companies including Pantene and Calvin Klein. What followed is her own line of products. After all of this the next logical step was television where she debuted her late night show called A Little Late with Lilly and Sketchy Times with Lilly Singh a bit later. With the way things are right now, we can only expect to see her in a feature movie down the road. She deserves everything that’s happening to her considering hard work and dedication she put into her work. Good bless you Lilly Singh.