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Lil Tecca Net Worth

by William Gist

Lil Tecca is yet another popular figure in the hip hop scene, but one that is more of an up-and-comer than an established artist. The charismatic 17 y/old has achieved much with a few years of working in the music industry. Some of his hit singles include the likes of “Love Me”, “Molly Girl”, and “Count On Me”.

Born of Jamaican migrants, Lil Tecca and his parents moved to the United States in hopes of living the “American Dream”. And that certainly looks to be the case with the rapper having a formidable social media presence at 2.1 million followers.

Let’s not forget that Tyler-Justin Anthony Sharpe (Lil Tecca) has a number four on the Billboard Hot 100. His single, “Ransom”, put the prominent young rapper on the map and cemented him as one of the most promising talents the industry has ever seen.

But do you know how much Tyler-Justin is worth at 17? To do that, let’s take a closer look at his biography and life.

Early Career

The story of how Lil Tecca became a name in the industry stems back 8 years ago when he was 9. Many rappers love to tell the story of how and when they fell in love with the game, but Lil Tecca’s story is somewhat strange.

Justin began rapping while playing Xbox with his friends. They would often time talk trash about each other and would oftentimes write diss tracks.


One of his first diss track was uploaded to SoundCloud, making Lil Tecca a SoundCloud rapper at the time. Eventually, he became a notable name within the SoundCloud community, amassing more than 1 million listeners through some of his most successful songs uploaded on the platform.

But it wasn’t until 2018 that Justin truly broke through and emerged as a rising talent within the music industry. His 2018 single, “My Time”, amassed one million plays on the platform. This was Justin’s breakout and others quickly took note of the prominent rapper from Queens.

In that same year, Lil Tecca released another single called “Count Me Out”. The song had more than one million plays in the first few weeks, but that wasn’t all Tecca could do.

2018 was a pretty successful year from the boy from Queens. His two following singles “Love Me” and “Love No Thot” amassed a total of 3.5 million plays on the platform. Now things really were going for Justin and things looked like going in the right direction.

But if 2018 was big, 2019 was even bigger. It was last year when Tecca released his two most successful tracks ever. “Did It Again” and “Molly Girl” was released two months apart and were enough to drive the hype train around the young rapper.


“Did It Again” was streamed more than 7 million times on SoundCloud while “Molly Girl” became a fan-favorite. He also did a music video for “Did It Again” and it was shown multiple times on WSHH.

That year, the song was sitting on the number one spot on SoundCloud’s chart. “Molly Girl”, on the other hand, became a hit on iTunes and Spotify. With a total of 13 million plays, the song became one of his hottest ever produced and a certified banger.

2019 looked to be a very successful year for Tecca. Now that he was getting much attention, and some unwanted, it was time to produce something that will blow the roof off the house. And he did with “Ransom”.

This was the single to cement him as a player in the industry and to promote his name. With over 680 million streams in the first four months, “Ransom” made the #94 spot on the Billboard Hot 100. It wasn’t long before “Ransom” made it in the top 5!

Naturally, this brought Tecca a lot of money. According to follownews.com, Lil Tecca’s net worth currently sits at $3million!

But that’s not all. His 2019 mixtape labeled “We Love You Tecca” enjoyed huge success and even made it on the number 4 spot on the Billboard 200 Albums. In the mixtape, a prominent name in the industry appeared alongside Lil Tecca on the 18-song list; Juice WRLD.

During that time, Justin had collaborated not only with Juice WRLD but with Lil Tjay and Lil Mosey.

Net Worth and Personal Life


With a net worth of $3million, Lil Tecca is doing pretty well for himself. However, he does believe that social media can be the end of the beginning of a young rapper’s career.

His down-to-earth attitude is what separates Justin from the rest of the rookies in the industry. He might have a sizeable following, but he understands that he influences people. Naturally, his image is very important.

To keep it crystal clear, Justin tries to balance school with his musical career. He attends public high school and produces music only on the weekends.

Ever since 2017, Tecca has taken the industry by storm and he doesn’t look to stop anytime soon.


Justin was born on August 26th, 2002, making him one of the youngest ever rappers to amass such a huge following. He grew up in Queens, New York, in Springfield Gardens Neighborhood.

Being born of Jamaican immigrants has taught Justin of the American Dream. That dream included playing in the NBA, although his poor skills and 5ft 7in height certainly played a role in him quitting. It’s unknown as to how much of a baller Justin was when he was younger, but he gave up on the dream when he was 12.

Ever since that dream died, Justin has been focusing on his musical career and his education. To say that Lil Tecca is your average SoundCloud rapper is a disrespect to the future star himself.

A lot of prominent rappers such as Lil Uzi Vert, A Boogie, and Juice WRLD have said positive things about the young rapper. A kind word will go along nicely with the rapper, and all he has to do is reach his fullest potential.