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Lil Pump’s Net Worth (2024) – How Rich is Rapper?

by Jeon

So, it’s all here, out and clear, the always in controversy rapper and singer Lil Pump can be among the richest teenagers. Want to know more about the famous rapper and his family? Keep reading to know everything about him.

How much is Lil Pump net worth?

You may be surprised or even shocked to know that Lil Pump’s net worth (2024) is 9,500,000 US dollars. Yes, it’s the truth and as a matter of fact, the rapper already had $6.5 million to his name when he was only 17 years of Age! Surprised?

If we see his net worth over the years, it has just scaled and her is the track:

Img source: capitalxtra.com

2016 it was $4million

2017 it was $40 million

2018 it was $65 million

2019 it is $95 million

Pump Age and Birthplace

According to sources he was born in Miami, Florida and his birth date is the 17th of August 2000. He is an American/ Mexican National and his Zodiac sign in Leo.

His career started in 2016 when he began to upland his tracks on Soundcloud. Even he didn’t expect that his soundtrack will be liked so much that it would get him more than a million views.

There was a video on Social media after the singer/rapper became famous that his backpack was stolen, where the thief revealed Lil Pump’s actual identity and real name is Gazzy Garcia, now that’s a piece of news for many!

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The famous rapper has always been in controversy and his rebellious nature has never let him alone. He was kicked out of high school in 10 grade, his twitter handle was banned several times because he posted objectionable photos and videos. It rather seems the rapper wants to keep his rebellious nature though!

His game eventually grew and rose overnight with his super hit song Gucci Gang in 2017. Before his 17th birthday, he has already signed contracts with Warner Bros and Tha Lights Global. But now his dad can eventually enjoy his all 16 songs including “Harvard Dropout” which was postponed many times.

Physical attributes and tattoos

The famous rapper/ singer is about 171 cm tall that is, about 5 ft and 7 inches.

He weighs around 143 pounds or 65 kg. The rapper has a lot of tattoos on his body and some on his neck as well.

Is Lil Pump a Harvard Dropout?

Img source: unhappy.com

Well, it’s debatable as he was kicked out of high school in grade 10, and after a year or more he began his career. So technically, it seems unlikely, but in a personal tweet by the rapper, he mentioned that he is actually a Harvard University dropout, so maybe or maybe not, the rumors are true.

Is He dead or alive?

There were many rumors about his death in 2017 but they are all wrong. It was this news, it was one of his friends ( Lil Peep) who passed away in 2017, but because they had similar names.

Lil Pump relationship status

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Well, everyone wants to know this, he is neither engaged nor married and is not Ben dating anyone as of yet. But he has expressed his interest I. Miranda Cosgrove who is the star of iCarly. She even dated him ones on request from fans, but probably it didn’t work.

His family, siblings, home, and car

We know very little about his personal life, it’s just that’s he doesn’t have any siblings, no brother or sister, and his parents have always maintained distance from media.

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There are no pictures of his house as well. Now that’s a big thing to keep!

He reportedly owns a Porsche, yellow in color which he crashed lately and has not yet got fixed. Other than that there is no more information about the cars he owns.

Lil Pump’s contact information

Every year a lot of people search for Lil Pump’s contact number or his personal ID. But there is no phone number or house address or other contact details available on the internet. There is only one email ID that is [email protected] that is public.

Famous hits

Almost all 16 of his songs have been a hit but here is a list of his most incredible ones:

1. Gucci Gang
2. Boss
3. I Love It
4. Elementary
5. Iced out

Fans can buy his CDs and other merchandise like mugs, t-shirts, phone cases, etc from his official website.